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Social Networks

+ - MySpace to slash half of its workforce->

Submitted by sg00
sg00 (1971262) writes "MySpace, the once mightly social networking site, is reportedly set to lay off half of its employees as it scales back its social netowrking ambitions. The financial position of the company is dismal with some arguing that it's enough for News Corporation to pull the pin."

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+ - Smart contact lenses for HUD, health->

Submitted by adaviel
adaviel (1189751) writes "Babak Parviz at the University of Washington has created an active contact lens that could be used as a transparent heads-up display, or to continuously monitor blood sugar in people with diabetes. The device is RF-powered so requires no wires — though early models might make the wearer look like the Terminator, with visible circutry around their pupils."
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+ - SPAM: Atari Heros

Submitted by
John Wayne
John Wayne writes "Atari Heroes is a collective of nerds, geeks and dweebs who have banded together to preserve the history and fun of the original Atari brand games. Most of us are first generation Atari players, having received the game system."
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The Logical Leap: Induction In Physics 630

Posted by samzenpus
from the read-all-about-it dept.
FrederickSeiler writes "When David Harriman, this book's author, was studying physics at Berkeley, he noticed an interesting contrast: 'In my physics lab course, I learned how to determine the atomic structure of crystals by means of x-ray diffraction and how to identify subatomic particles by analyzing bubble-chamber photographs. In my philosophy of science course, on the other hand, I was taught by a world-renowned professor (Paul Feyerabend) that there is no such thing as scientific method and that physicists have no better claim to knowledge than voodoo priests. I knew little about epistemology [the philosophy of knowledge] at the time, but I could not help noticing that it was the physicists, not the voodoo priests, who had made possible the life-promoting technology we enjoy today.' Harriman noticed the enormous gulf between science as it is successfully practiced and science as is it described by post-Kantian philosophers such as Feyerabend, who are totally unable to explain the spectacular achievements of modern science." Read on for the rest of Frederick's review.

+ - Critical vulnerability in PHP identified->

Submitted by sg00
sg00 (1971262) writes "A significant vulnerability in PHP has been identified which causes PHP to hang when a particular value is assigned to any variable. The real showstopper is that according to a Zend newsletter released today, this can be exploited simply by adding the value to parameter in the query string. This issue affects all Intel-based 32-bit PHP builds."
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