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Comment: Re:Market share (Score 2, Informative) 481

by sexyrexy (#28698771) Attached to: YouTube Phasing Out Support For IE6
Do you even know what '.aspx' means? If you are trying to refer to sites built on ASP.NET, you are quite mistaken - ASP.NET is 100% cross-browser compatible. If a site you visit only works in IE7, that is the developer's incompetence; whether they used Joomla! or Ruby on Rails to suck has nothing to do with the platform.

Comment: It's pretty simple really (Score 1) 203

by sexyrexy (#22760336) Attached to: Breakdowns of Website Defacement by Platform
Windows costs money. So in general, you can be pretty sure that a business is behind a Windows server, which means vested interest in keeping it alive, which means at least some level of investment in a somewhat competent administrator to manage them. Linux is free, so every server set up by some random kid, hobbyist, or idiot is not going to drop a grand on Server 2008. They're going to install what they find for free that has easy documentation on setup.

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