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by sexconker (#47724137) Attached to: At Home with Tim O'Reilly (Videos 5 and 6 of 6)

Nope, just blank empty space as usual.

That's actually better than what I'm getting (two working videos). Dear Shitdot - stop trying to GENERATE news. You're a fucking aggregator, nothing more. The people who are still on this site are:

A: Too cynical (for good reason) to trust anything originating from the usual circus of Shitdot admins who post manufactured crap at the behest of your Dice masters,
B: Too smart to fall for the bullshit, soft news, and non news.
C: Both A and B.

Normally I'd use this space to troll and shit on the subject for no reason (O'Reilly in this case, whom I have nothing against but would otherwise not hesitate to troll), but in this case I'd rather let my pertinent point stand on its own: Shitdot needs to stop trying to make its own content, from "Ask Shitdot" "articles", to these video "articles", to that hilariously bad "ask me anything" ripoff a few weeks back. This site will never be profitable in the way you want it to be, so please stop trying. By the way - how much money was wasted on the beta revamp?

And if you think I'm trolling now, please note that I did not troll (or post at all) in other of the other "articles" in this series. Anyone who legitimately cares about this content (ha!) or is sufficiently bored to read/watch it will only see my ravings on the matter once. I'm crass, vulgar, and rude, but I'm not trolling. Shitdot needs to stop gaming their own system and just let users submit and frontpage stories as intended. The backdoor moderation, censorship, and promotion/demotion of articles to/from the front page isn't just annoying and dishonest, it delegitimizes the site as a whole.

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If the owner can disable a phone with nothing but access to a computer or another mobile device, so can Google, Samsung, Microsoft, Nokia or Apple.

Not necessarily true... It's entirely possible that you could implement this by encrypting a lock/unlock token with a key known only to the user. Google/Samsung/MS/Nokia/Apple would be no more capable of generating such a token than anyone else.

If you can initially set the key, then the key is capable of being reset or even read.
If you cannot initially set the key, then the key is set before hand, and is thus known to other parties.

If you use e-fuses or something similar in order to prevent resetting of the key, it just means you have to deal with shit at the hardware level to reset or read the key.

The manufacturer of a phone will always be able to fuck ur shit, though GP is incorrect in asserting that they'd be able to do it over the web as easily as the end user. (If it's designed properly. In reality, we all know they'll have back doors.)

Comment: Re:Why such paranoia ? (Score 5, Insightful) 267

Your sarcasm aside, turn the idea around and convince me there is any situation short of an emergency where the big evil government would use this power even if they had it? Bricking phones would Streisand effect whatever situation they were trying to clamp down on. And, it doesn't necessarily prevent data from being exported off the flash drives. I can't imagine this being useful to any sort of authoritarian power in any regular way. Sure you could probably imagine one scenario where they use something like this to stop a story getting out -- but it wouldn't always work, and they would never get to use it again.... This isn't an illegal search of someone's phone, there is no point in abusing the power to brick someone's phone.

Conversely there is very real and tangible benefit to crime reduction.

So, yes, why such paranoia?

Someone leaks sensitive information to the media. Government tracks phone. Government dispatches goon. Government bricks phone to prevent victim from alerting the medial, recording the incident, calling for help, etc. Victim is disappeared.

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by sexconker (#47716227) Attached to: Do Readers Absorb Less On Kindles Than On Paper? Not Necessarily

It's more than just the cover image and text though. A book has an individual feel. It's page size, thickness, weight, the extent to which the spine opens, the colour and texture of the paper, even the smell.

A simplistic attitude is that these things don't matter.

I love paper! The look of it! The smell of it! The taste of it! The texture! I love paper so much that I lost my genitalia in an unfortunate pulping accident. Hence the name... Papermember.

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by sexconker (#47708367) Attached to: $125,000 Settlement Given To Man Arrested for Photographing NYPD

What I love is none of this 'terms kept confidential' nonsense that is so typical in court settlements.

The public has a right to know.

You do realize that settlements are basically private contracts right? Are you really saying that I must publicly disclose the terms of any private contract I am a party to, just because the "Public has a right to know"?

No, No, they don't have a right to know. I may allow you to use my intellectual property and by contract disclose it to you for your use, but that doesn't mean everybody in the world is now entitled to see everything.

When a crime is involved (such as unlawful arrest, harassment, theft of property, etc. the cops engaged in), the public has a right to know.
When one of the parties IS the state or one of its many agencies, the public has a right to know.
When the public courts handle a case on the matter, criminal or not, for however long, the public has a right to know regardless of whether the case is settled by the court of by the parties outside of the court.

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by sexconker (#47706803) Attached to: Google's Driverless Cars Capable of Exceeding Speed Limit

So your solution to the problem of people who drive aggressively, don't pay attention, etc (ie the real cause of accidents) is to let them drive FASTER? In what world does that make sense?

You're an idiot.
The solution is to have everyone else driving at a faster speed so the idiots end up juking and jiving between them less frequently.
You can't control the behavior of the idiots, so you're not letting them drive faster. You're telling everyone else that they should be traveling at a reasonable speed.

Comment: Re:Safety vs Law (Score 1) 464

by sexconker (#47706785) Attached to: Google's Driverless Cars Capable of Exceeding Speed Limit

Lower speed limits cause more congestion.
Congestion causes all sorts of problems, from making lane changes more difficult (as there is less space between cars) to increasing collisions on the freeways and on the surface streets connecting to them.
You'd cause more shit by setting a speed limit of 45 on the freeway than you would by setting a speed limit of 85.

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by sexconker (#47706677) Attached to: News Aggregator Fark Adds Misogyny Ban

Oh, that's why I killfiled you. Thanks for the reminder.

Because I point out the hilarious holes and hypocrisy in your posts?
Please respond to my actual points about you dismissing someone's opinions/views and experiences on the basis of their race, sexuality, and gender. I could use a good laugh. Or continue to tell me more about how I've been "killfiled". Either way works.

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by sexconker (#47704393) Attached to: AMD Launches Radeon R7 Series Solid State Drives With OCZ

Seems a good bet if you want reliability

good bet if you want reliability limited to 43TB of writes. Or did you miss that small print in the warranty?

No one will read the warranty.
When they send it in they'll be denied with an explanation of "You wrote too much to this drive, see? This hidden, unreliable, untrustworthy counter in the firmware says so.".

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by sexconker (#47704369) Attached to: AMD Launches Radeon R7 Series Solid State Drives With OCZ

I thought AMD chips are competitive in some parts of the market (not top-end, though). The last chip I bought was an AMD A10 - 4 cpu cores and 6 graphic cores on the one die. It saves having to buy a separate graphic card and the graphic cores have full access to the same memory that the CPU cores use which I think is an interesting architecture.

They compete on performance / $.
They win at cores / $.
They lose at performance.
They lose at TDP.

Every successful person has had failures but repeated failure is no guarantee of eventual success.