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Portables (Apple)

+ - 17" Unibody MacBook Pro Disassembled->

Submitted by sexconker
sexconker (1179573) writes "The folks at have gotten their mitts on one of the new 17", unibody MacBoock Pros. You can see the complete disassembly here.
Of interesting note is the battery which Apple hyped up: Packaging-wise it's just a standard laptop battery. It's also trivial to remove, so you can expect to see replacements from the usual third parties in the coming months."

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+ - Street View Driver Kills Deer

Submitted by sexconker
sexconker (1179573) writes "A street view was found showing street view driver hitting a deer, and driving off. The deer died after rolling around for a while. Google has removed the images (first saying they were unavailable due to high demand, and later saying they had been removed), but they can be found below. The images show the deer before and after the impact. There was no other vehicle near the vicinity at the time."

+ - Microsoft to Pull Seinfeld Ads

Submitted by sexconker
sexconker (1179573) writes "According to valleywag, Microsoft is pulling its recent series of ads featuring Jerry Seinfeld. The decision to drop the ads likely stemmed from the fact that most viewers just didn't get them. MS reps are spinning the decision to drop Seinfeld as "planned" and say that Seinfeld could be involved in future projects. The ads cost Microsoft in excess of $10 million."

+ - DivX Releases H.264 Decoder->

Submitted by sexconker
sexconker (1179573) writes "DivX is finally jumping on the H.264 bandwagon with Project Remoulade.

Project Remoulade is an H.264 decoder and is designed to be highly scalable and compatible with just about any twisted form of the MPEG spec you can throw at it. In typical DivX fashion, we can expect a push to get this integrated into portable devices. We'll also probably see branding and profiles for set top boxes. Early info and benchmarks are at the link.

There's currently no word on a compressor implementation (the benchmarks were run against samples created with x.264), however."

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