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by Shakrai (#46775791) Attached to: FBI Drone Deployment Timeline

How many times do they do it a week without all that official authorization stuff?

If they use them in criminal investigations the usage eventually becomes part of the public record when entered into evidence. Using them for search and rescue ought to be non-controversial enough. "National Security" is of course the grey area, though there's a fair amount of overlap between National Security and criminal prosecutions, for offenses like espionage or terrorism, so a lot of that use would eventually make it into the public record as well.

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by sexconker (#46775153) Attached to: Steam's Most Popular Games

so if you went to bestbuy, bought the (physical) game box, took it home, installed it and figured out it wouldn't run, would you have called your c/c company to withhold the payment to bestbuy until you were able to run the game? What does Valve have anything to do with a game working or not working? It's not that physical stores allow you to take back opened software nowadays either...

If he had gotten it from Best Buy he'd have basic consumer rights to refund, a working product, etc. enforced by policy and executed by a human (be it a sales associate, manager, whoever).
If he had gotten it from best Buy he would have received actual human interaction when first complaining about it. Best Buy may be a joke and the Geek Squad may be a ripoff, but the mere presence of a human being who has some idea of how to troubleshoot shit, or at least whose job it is to keep customers happy, is about 87 miles ahead of Steam's "support".

Steam support simply doesn't exist unless you threaten to issue a chargeback or sue. No human at Valve even SEES your support ticket until 2 automated "solutions" are generated and spit out - 1 blaming your ISP and 1 telling you to delete clientregistry.blob or reinstall Steam. After that they blame the developer and close your ticket.

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by sexconker (#46774977) Attached to: 'Thermoelectrics' Could One Day Power Cars

Fuel. You've been bitching about the use of the word "power" when you're the one who's using it wrong. The word you want is fuel.

Thermoelectrics generate power in the presence of heat.
Internal combustion engines deliver power when shit explodes inside them.

Gasoline is a fuel, not a power source.

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by interkin3tic (#46772713) Attached to: Kids Can Swipe a Screen But Can't Use LEGOs
No no no! You're totally selling it wrong! You've got to say it's building up! Lemme give you an example:

"Studies show that the CRACK BABIES OF THE 80'S are now having crack babies of their own who are EVEN WORSE and UNABLE TO PLAY WITH LEGOS AND INSTEAD HAVE EVIL HACKING SKILLS!!!"

See? Three offers of employment in my inbox from Huffington Post already!

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by sexconker (#46772699) Attached to: Kids Can Swipe a Screen But Can't Use LEGOs

"Children today are retarded - physically, mentally, and emotionally, and they come from retarded parents."
False, by every measure.

True, by every measure.

Look at rates of life-long diseases - from obesity to asthma to peanut allergies - and general fitness in children . After vaccinations for polio, mmr, etc. we should be raising the most fit generations of kids ever, yet here we are with kids who can't do a single pull up to pass the presidential fitness test because they spent their early childhood eating shit and staying inside.

Look at the rates of kids who have behavioral disorders - autism, add/adhd, anxiety, etc. An ever-increasing number of kids are simply unable to cope with the outside world, or are only able to do so while on mind-numbing drugs (which create all sorts of other problems).

Look at the pathetic math and language test scores and real-world abilities. Look at the pathetic life skills high school and college graduates end up with - the current generation of kids can't change a light bulb let alone a tire, can't manage a budget, can't file their taxes, and have mommy go to their fucking job interviews with them.

Comment: Kids are Retarded, News at 11 (Score 0) 313

by sexconker (#46771157) Attached to: Kids Can Swipe a Screen But Can't Use LEGOs

Children today are retarded - physically, mentally, and emotionally, and they come from retarded parents.
The situation is going to get worse, not better, despite how many PSAs or "First Five" programs you trot out.

It takes a village to raise a child, but parents don't trust the village so they try to do it all themselves.
Then they realize it's too much fucking work for 2 people, 2 people who both need to keep their jobs, 1 person (since single parents are more common than not), or 1 person who's working a full-time job (or two). So the kids get plopped in front of the TV, a tablet, etc. and vegetate. Outside is dangerous, so kids don't play, they Google Play and get fat. When they enter school, the state becomes the sitter. Education and social interaction are to be avoided - the goals here are to not get sued and to try and make money off of attendance records and performance on standardized tests.

There are only 3 simple steps to solving this:

1: Stop having kids you when you can't handle kids (financially, mentally, temporally).
2: Stop having kids with people when you aren't both committed.
3: Stop wasting time coddling the broken kids in school - leave them behind in the bad schools and dumb classes and let decent kids get an education based on learning, not on administration.

Of course, none of this will happen because it involves people taking responsibility for themselves and their kids.

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by sexconker (#46770495) Attached to: Mt. Gox Ordered Into Liquidation

Money laundering, theft, gross negligence. I'm sure there's plenty more.

Let's assume the premise. You want the US to now arrest people for crimes committed in Japan?

Team America World Police was satire.

That's still miles better than going after non-criminals in other countries for non-crimes, or just drone striking them.

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by interkin3tic (#46767329) Attached to: Google Looked Into Space Elevator, Hoverboards, and Teleportation
I think it's pretty likely that people smart enough to make a space elevator will be smart enough to consider what happens when it goes wrong. Whether they will find it worthwhile to do anything about it is a different story, but it will be considered, that's for sure.

Comment: Re:Information = Wealth = Power (Score 1) 93

by interkin3tic (#46767297) Attached to: Google Looked Into Space Elevator, Hoverboards, and Teleportation
I'm always hearing about google being the target of Steve Jobs' ego-driven "thermonuclear war" with patents. What are some examples of google patent trolling as you've suggested? I'm not saying I think google is actually behaving unlike a corporation, just that I don't know of any examples of them doing what you're saying they're doing.

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High profile murderers who make no attempt to conceal their crime usually do it more for attention. They might tell themselves it's for higher reasons, like they hate that politician or that race, but really it's that their egos aren't satisfied. Same with school shootings. They shoot up their schools because they want attention from their classmates. With columbine and other school shootings, we like to tell ourselves they're going rambo because they were bullied, and the shooters did too. We tell ourselves the lie because it's easier to think kids only do this when put under extreme pressure by bullying, we don't like to think that some kids are just psychopaths who are evil. They told themselves it was because of bullying because that sounds better than "We're bored and want attention."

Although early media reports attributed the shootings to a desire for revenge on the part of Harris and Klebold for bullying that they received, subsequent psychological analysis indicated Harris and Klebold harbored serious psychological problems. According to Dave Cullen, Harris, who conceived the attacks, was a "cold-blooded, predatory psychopath" and an intelligent, charming liar with "a preposterously grand superiority complex, a revulsion for authority and an excruciating need for control". In Cullen's assessment, Harris lacked remorse or empathy for others, and sought to punish them for their perceived inferiority.


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