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by sexconker (#47932775) Attached to: Airbnb To Start Collecting Hotel Tax On Rentals In San Francisco

Because face time is important. Interacting with coworkers is important. Being able to go over a design at a whiteboard together rather than reading the same powerpoint slide separately is important. THe best ideas I've had in my career have been created as a result of talking to my coworkers over lunch/coffee break/tangent from another discussion. Telecommuting is a loss to productivity even if they are perfect about actually working (which having done it for a year- its not an easy thing to do, there's a lot of temptations). Its not only easily worth 15-30k, its worth 2-3 times that to have then onsite. That's ignoring the fact that a large number of people won't be on point when working from home- many without even meaning to cheat the system.

As a developer I'll just say that "face time" and interacting with coworkers are two of the main impediments to me getting shit done.

Comment: So What? (Score 1) 1

Apple released a beta.
Security researcher found and document bugs.
Apple fixed their shit.
Apple released their shit.
Security researcher is sad that he didn't get the attribution (attention) he wanted.

If you want attention wait until it leaves beta and ships, THEN expose the flaws PUBLICLY.
If you want improved software everything worked out fine, and I say this as someone who takes every possible opportunity to shit on Apple.

+ - Nvidia GTX 970 and 980 Tech Specs Detailed

Submitted by sexconker
sexconker (1179573) writes "According to the specs of the GeForece GTX 970 and 980 have been unveiled. Both cards will officially launch on the 19th of September.with 4 GB of VRAM and 224 GB/second bandwidth. The 970 comes with 1664 cores and a TDP of 148 W while the 980 comes with 2048 cores and a TDP of 175 W.

Leaked benchmarks peg the 980's performance at nearly 20% faster than the GTX Titan, and just under that of the GTX 780 Ti. Note that the 800 line was skipped (or may be reserved for OEM parts).

No official pricing has been determined, but MSRP is rumored to be between $330 and $350 for the 970 and between $500 and $550 for the 980. Actual prices and availability will depend on whether this is a paper launch or not. Look for official reviews this Friday."

+ - Apple Glosses Over Vulnerabilities Patched in iOS 8, Snubs Security Researcher-> 1

Submitted by PainMeds
PainMeds (1301879) writes "At this year's HOPE conference, security researcher Jonathan Zdziarski discussed his findings (slides) of a number of iOS vulnerabilities which made national news. Apple quickly addressed the issues in iOS 8 Beta 5, and Zdziarski explained the fixes in detail. Now that iOS 8 has been officially released, the security release notes appear to avoid mentioning the vulnerabilities that were addressed altogether, except for an out-of-place mention of some "diagnostics changes" in a note at the very bottom, and fail to give any credit to the researcher for finding the problems. Zdziarski has published an open letter to Tim Cook and Apple's Security Team highlighting this:
"I am very glad to see that Apple has taken security seriously enough lately to address vulnerabilities quickly, and – from what I’ve seen – elegantly. I’ve even written up a paper praising Apple for their quick and thorough response to these issues. ... What I’m not glad about at all is that Apple has seemingly swept these issues under the rug, to the degree that they’re not even acknowledged in your security notes. Apple’s code fixes can be clearly observed right in the iOS 8 firmware, and yet there is not a single mention of them in the release notes, nor any acknowledgments for the researcher. If there is any ethical practice to be expected in information security – or science of any kind for that matter – it is to properly acknowledge those who’s research you’ve consumed. In many settings, failure to do so is considered plagiarism." ... "there has been no mention of the more serious issues being fixed, or ever existing." ... "Not one mention of file relay, wireless lockdown vulnerabilities, packet sniffer access control vulnerabilities, or backup encryption bypass vulnerabilities.""

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Wrong. It's a common marketing tactic.

You have one model that you use to advertise the "starting" price. This model has a significant con to it that will concern most users.

You have the main model you intend to sell the most of. This model does not have the con of the cheaper model. This model is what you based your design and price around. The other models are represent minor changes and have prices determined entirely by psychology, not by production cost.

You have a high end model that you sell a few of at ridiculous markups. This model is just slightly better than the main model in a few aspects.

You see this done with Apple devices, cars, video cards, event tickets, etc. It's not a conspiracy unless you're an idiot who doesn't realize this goes on everywhere. It's marketing.

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