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Comment: Re:Will we ever stop celebrating him? (Score 1, Interesting) 142

We really should be recognizing him as the clown he was, and recognizing the administration and the cops and the courts as the tyrants the continue to be.
Instead he's been propped up as some sort of tragic hero figure and attached to things that have very little to do with him or the case against him, and thus the important shit (the tyranny) gets lost in the haze.

Comment: Re:I hate to imagine it (Score 1) 120

by sexconker (#47433907) Attached to: Child Thought To Be Cured of HIV Relapses, Tests Positive Again

Why would stopping treatment lead to a relapse?

Here's a better question: "why would stopping treatment lead to no relapse for 2.5 years, then suddenly a relapse?"

Since that asks why what actually happened, happened.

Why do people get shingles decades after having had chicken pox?

Comment: Re:Chen? Sounds Chinese (Score 1) 168

by sexconker (#47429533) Attached to: Peer Review Ring Broken - 60 Articles Retracted

Go say that in China. See if they agree with the distinction.

Lisa, soon you'll have a Chinese baby sister who will surpass you academically!

I don't know about that, I'm considered preeeetty smart.

Well Tibet was considered pretty independent, how'd that work out?

China won't even let MS push out the Taiwanese IME unless you have a specially-flagged build of Windows (which I've never been able to find).

Comment: Re:How does it NOT? (Score 1) 83

by sexconker (#47426257) Attached to: Microsoft Settles With No-IP After Malware Takedown

If Microsoft wasn't the "bad guy", why offer a settlement less than two weeks later?

To avoid court costs.

And you don't know that they offered a settlement. MS could have simply told them to STFU or they'd be countersued for X, Y, and Z. Maybe MS threatened to publicly release evidence that showed they were actively aiding and abetting the malware shit MS was called in to clean up.

You can blindly hate MS all you want, but no-ip and its siblings have a less than stellar reputation themselves.

Comment: Re:why new balls (Score 1) 143

A few hundred years ago, that was the point of religion. Some people still aren't over that, so I imagine sports are here to stay.

Religion is the exact opposite. Religion necessitates the humility of the follower in the face of the divine. You don't go to a Christian church and shout "FUCK YEAH, JESUS! WHOOOO!" for 2 hours.

Religious institutions can become corrupt and seek power and wealth from their followers. When an institution becomes corrupt to the extent that followers are controlled and the leaders claim to be divine or close to divine, we call it a cult.
Religious followers can become blind zealots who seek the spread of their religion and the destruction of other religions. When a group of followers become so zealous that they ignore the core tenets of their religion we call them extremists, separatists, terrorists, etc.
Neither of these things speak to the point of religion, however.

Comment: Re:And another question (Score 1) 143

I do wonder what Bobby Charlton could have done with a modern ball considering he did this with a ball made of inch-thick cowhide with a concrete core that absorbed half its weight in water on a typical English match day.

Jesus fuck. That's your go-to amazing moment for soccer? Don't waste your time watching the video, kids. The dude kicks the ball from a moderate distance at moderate speed and it goes into the net.

Comment: Re:So SSL is nothing more than an honor system? (Score 1) 107

by sexconker (#47424985) Attached to: India's National Informatics Centre Forged Google SSL Certificates

Until someone creates a new encryption system which isn't susceptible to MITM attacks

Uh, some of the earliest encryption algorithms ever created are immune to MITM.
The core of the MITM issue is that anything sent over it could be intercepted or spoofed.
So ALL your communication must be encrypted.

All you need a pre-shared key to initiate the connection. Whether that's a password or a certificate or something else makes no difference. What matters is the pre-sharing. You have to fucking know and trust the source of that key. If you're just using a list of certs issued by people you don't know and trusted on your behalf by other people you don't know, then your shit isn't secure.

In an ideal world I'd walk into a bank branch, verify that it is my fucking bank, ask them for a certificate for web access, they'd generate a unique one for me, and I'd copy it to my devices and trust it. I would also give them my own unique certificate, though a username and password is essentially a weaker version of that.

Comment: Re:AGW is falsifiable, easily. (Score 1) 380

by sexconker (#47424829) Attached to: Blueprints For Taming the Climate Crisis

And none of those things are the core claim of global warming... I mean "anthropgenic global warming"... I mean "climate change" dipshits.
Their claim is that people are heating the planet up and that change will ruin everything.
We know from history that higher concentrations of CO2 and higher temperatures aren't bad for biomass or biodiversity. In fact, they're fucking great.

Comment: Re:Or (Score 0) 380

by sexconker (#47417909) Attached to: Blueprints For Taming the Climate Crisis

What "real facts" are those? There has not been a single climate model put out by anyone ever that has predicted Earth's climate with any degree of accuracy for any decent amount of time. There has been no experimentation against a nullable hypothesis.

I do know what bogey man means, and I used it correctly.

"Because coal is cheaper in the short term, not accounting for externalities" 10 is more than 20, if you ignore 15 out of the 20.

Climate change isn't an important externality, it's bullshit. And that fact is becoming increasingly clear to the public.

Comment: Or (Score 3, Insightful) 380

by sexconker (#47417713) Attached to: Blueprints For Taming the Climate Crisis

How about we just use nuclear power for most cases because it's more efficient, safer, etc.?
How about we just use electric cars for most cases because they're simpler, more efficient, etc.?
How about we just stop using coal because it's fucking terrible all around?

Why do we need a climate change bullshit bogey man to get politicians to stop blocking natural progress?

Comment: Re:All web devs shouldn't *need* a device lab (Score 1) 60

by sexconker (#47411279) Attached to: All Web Developers Should Have Access to a Device Lab (Video)

Fuck the device, the browser should behave properly. If it doesn't, too fucking bad.
I am so fucking sick of the Android browser deciding I should or should not be able to zoom on certain pages, deciding to reflow content based on my orientation, etc.
And i absolutely fucking hate sites that do not respect my preference of seeing the real site instead of the shitty mobile version.

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