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Comment: Re:None of these solutions "work" (Score 1) 361

by sexconker (#49737775) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Way To Solve a Unique Networking Issue?

OP said "day to day" activities. He's updating one pump at a time. What are the other pumps doing? Dispensing gasoline. To update all 16 pumps at once would render all 16 pumps out of service for half an hour. That is simply unacceptable for the station. They would not want to just shut everything down and eliminate a half-hour's worth of revenue from 15 pumps just so OP is not inconvenienced.

This is a typical IT viewpoint. We have a technical problem to solve, and to hell with the users. They're just in the way of our supreme elegance anyway.

Not to mention the lawsuit when a customer trips over the cat5 obstacle course.

Comment: Re:Installation problem? (Score 1) 119

It does mean it's designed wrong.
If each critical component isn't checking and reporting its own status, and if there isn't a way for the operator to see the status of all components, and if the plane lets you fucking fly it with bad or unknown component status, then you've fucking fucked up your fucking design.

Nothing's foolproof, but that doesn't excuse basic sanity checks for critical components. This fuck up worse than NASA/Lockheed losing the Mars orbiter in 1999 due to metric/imperial units.

Comment: Re:Installation problem? (Score 1) 119

Your an idiot. You can put fuel in any aircraft that may have small amounts of water and it would potentially cause a fatal crash. In fact it has done so. You can install breaks wrong, but just forgetting to install them at all, you can get tire pressure wrong, ..etc. You cannot make a thing that is impossible to somehow use, install incorrectly or otherwise break.

You're an idiot. Just because you can fuck something up doesn't mean that things should be designed to allow it, allow it silently, and allow it while allowing the thing to run as if it were done correctly.

Life-critical systems should be as resistant to user error as possible.
Life-critical systems should prevent improper installation, warn/alert/make lots of noise when installed improperly, and avoid catastrophic failure at all costs.

In this case, they shouldn't have been able to install shit incorrectly, the shit should have told them it was installed incorrectly, and the plane should have refused to fucking move because it should have known shit was installed incorrectly.

Comment: Re:Why did they ditch the TV? (Score 1) 242

by sexconker (#49737413) Attached to: Why Apple Ditched Its Plan To Build a Television

LG and Sharp are the two big panel makers. Samsung make some for their own hardware but aren't big on supplying others. All Apple's current products use LG and Sharp screens.

Samsung is the biggest player in the high end consumer display market.
Why do you think Apple is trying so hard to avoid buying parts from Samsung?

Comment: Re: Greedy Corporation (Score 4, Informative) 214

At this moment of time I am replacing a motherboard. Will Windows 7 even boot off it? NO!


No efi support or I should say limited and no I do not even mean secure boot.


I am talking usb 3 which Windows 7 doesn't support.


USB 2 in efi? No support or very limited. Sata in uefi mode? Nope. Exotic. Need 3rd party driver.

Bullshit that doesn't even make sense. What does Windows 7 have to do with it? Talk to your mobo and peripheral manufacturers.

Windows 7 will boot if you turn on csm aka compatibility support module which trashes your boot time.

No tablet support.

Also bullshit.

Comment: Re:it's not the click that matters (Score 1, Insightful) 146

by sexconker (#49702361) Attached to: Mechanical 'Clicky' Keyboards Still Have Followers (Video)

It's the keyswitch FEEL. Clicky or non-clicky, you want a mechanical keyswitch. There are many options now for people who want a non-clicky keyboard with good feel - check for a keyboard with Cherry MX Brown switches.

Mechanical switches are a poor replacement for buckling springs. It's a world of difference.

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