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by severn2j (#46649137) Attached to: Fukushima Photo Essay: a Drone's Eye View

Just to be clear here: the devastation is all due to the tsunami, not to the reactor failure. Foreign media seem to often forget or ignore that the disaster was the earthquake and tsunami. That's what killed almost 20k people dead and destroyed the homes of many hundreds of thousands of people.

Seems like TFA forgot that too.

Quote - "Tomioka is the closest thing we have ever seen to a nuclear wasteland."

Except it isnt, its an earthquake and tsunami wasteland..

Comment: Re:11000 miles? (Score 1) 330

by severn2j (#46332505) Attached to: Japanese Firm Proposes Microwave-Linked Solar Plant On the Moon

Yes, I don't however see any data on their website about how wide they are planning to build the ring out.

From the website:- "1. Lunar solar cells To ensure continuous generation of power, an array of solar cells will extend like a belt along the entire 11,000km lunar equator. This belt will grow in width from a few kilometers to 400km."

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by severn2j (#46275067) Attached to: Edward Snowden's Lawyer Claims Harassment From Heathrow Border Agent
This right here is the problem we in the UK have with attitudes to EU immigration, the belief that the UK is somehow a glorious land of opportunity that the unwashed masses of the EU are clamouring to get into. As a Brit, I can tell you it isn't, and if it wasn't for the ties of my family here, I would be long gone..

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by severn2j (#46245809) Attached to: EU Parliament Rejects Asylum For Snowden
As our (UK) government seems so insistent on passing laws to undermine any sort of civil liberty we may have had and basically falling over itself to be the US's lapdog, while alienating us from the rest of the world, it seems to me that the EU is our best chance for undoing some of that damage. They may not be very good, but there a damn sight better than our government (including the opposition parties).

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by severn2j (#45736281) Attached to: Why Charles Stross Wants Bitcoin To Die In a Fire

The link to Fourier's gangrene on Wikipedia is totally unnecessary, and the article includes an image that is decidedly not safe for work.

Captcha: unclean

Fortunately, I made the rare step of RTFA, where Mr Stross added "(NSFL danger: do not click that link)", which appears to not be in the summary..

+ - European Data Cloud

Submitted by mrspoonsi
mrspoonsi (2955715) writes "Given the fallout from recent NSA spying allegations, Michel Barnier the EU's internal marketing commissioner stated "enough is enough" and wants to develop a European Data Cloud. With Europe's deep pockets, could the NSA's actions cost US corporations as viable alternatives to services currently run by US companies are developed?"

+ - AMD's Radeon R9 290X Launched, Faster Than GeForce GTX 780 For Roughly $100 Less->

Submitted by MojoKid
MojoKid (1002251) writes "AMD has launched their new top-end Radeon R9 290X graphics card today. The new flagship wasn't ready in time for AMD's recent October 8th launch of midrange product, but their top of the line model, based on the GPU codenamed Hawaii, is ready now. The R9 290 series GPU (Hawaii) is comprised of up to 44 compute units with a total of 2,816 IEEE-2008 compliant shaders. The GPU has four geometry processors (2x the Radeon HD 7970) and can output 64 pixels per clock. The Radeon R9 290X features 2816 Stream Processors and an engine clock of up to 1GHz. The card's 4GB of GDDR5 memory is accessed by the GPU via a wide 512-bit interface and the R290X requires a pair of supplemental PCIe power connectors—one 6-pin and one 8-pin. Save for some minimum frame rate and frame latency issues, the new Radeon R9 290X's performance is impressive overall. AMD still has some obvious driver tuning and optimization to do, but frame rates across the board were very good. And though it wasn't a clean sweep for the Radeon R9 290X versus NVIDIA's flagship GeForce GTX 780 or GeForce GTX Titan cards, AMD's new GPU traded victories depending on the game or application being used, which is to say the cards performed similarly."
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