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Comment Hysterical Title? (Score 4, Insightful) 210

AVs might make it a little easier to do terrorism, but I'm not seeing order-of-magnitude change. Islamist radicals already have AVs in the form of suicide drivers. They go where they want and ram the gates down. McVeigh and Nichols were nowhere near the truck when it went off; the FBI figured everything out from serial numbers on the truck parts in a few hours.

Comment Re:A step forward, but... (Score 1) 391

You're assuming commercial plants will be Tokamaks, but there's little evidence that approach will work. Even if you could get a tok to break even, the heavy neutron flux will rapidly degrade any metals in the equipment, so you'll have to trash and replace the works in less than a year. Several other, more compact designs such as Northrup-Grumman's machine, the Polywell, Tri-Alpha's effort, and so on, show more promise.

Comment Re:Answering calls? (Score 1) 70

might be a future in Siri (or something like it) replacing phone tree systems with something a little more intelligent.
AT&T has for years used an automated system for handling service outages & other problems. The fact that it sort of works in its restricted way is impressive but the frustration of dealing with yet another cheap-ass corporate answering machine, unable to flexibly deal with real customer problems, is not.

Comment Original Lone Gunman series was a travesty... (Score 3, Interesting) 70

In the X-Files, the three were portrayed as tech-savvy, conspiracy theorist misfits who nevertheless had meaningful contributions and important roles.
When they got their own series, for some reason, they were turned into silly nutjobs not to be taken seriously. I hope the revival brings back their edge.

Comment Re:What marketing actually is (Score 1) 54

also selling a brand which is intangible but clearly valuable to many people

For Coke, the brand is about the associations of flavor and the positive experiences you've had drinking the product which really had nothing to do with the product. Also quality... if you drink it, there isn't bad crap in the bottle. But come on, when you get down to it the whole brand thing can get really overblown with nonsense.

Marketing may not be all lies, but if a brand is mostly about sentiment and not reality, the marketer rarely makes it LESS sentimental. So put your brain in neutral and believe what we tell you.

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