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Comment: Re:Hasn't this been proven to be junk science? (Score 1) 313

Actually, the science for cryonic preservation is advancing. Don't forget, there are thousands of people walking around today who, as embryos, were frozen in LN2 for years. Although there have been no successful resuscitations for frozen mature individuals to date, you really can't prove it can't happen. There's nothing in physics that says therapies can't be developed to repair cells (they don't burst, they dry out). There's just nothing in medicine yet for it.

+ - Attempted Breach of NSA HQ Checkpoint; One Shot Dead->

Submitted by seven of five
seven of five writes: One man is dead and another severely injured after a shootout at one of the main gates of the National Security Agency located at Fort Meade, Maryland.

Two men dressed as women attempted to “penetrate” the entry point with their vehicle when a shootout occurred, officials said.
The FBI said they do not believe the incident is related to terrorism.

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