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Comment: Cars will be luxuries... (Score 1) 453

by seven of five (#48445127) Attached to: In a Self-Driving Future, We May Not Even Want To Own Cars
The continued collapse of the middle class will mean fewer and fewer will own cars outright... the self-driving aspect means you can tell a car to pick you up and take you to destination X, maybe with less hassle and delay than with present-day cabs, for those few occasions you really need one. Less car ownership means less revenues to the state, which means they'll REALLY have to jack up the fees to make up for it. Electric and hybrid cars have already given states fits because of less fuel taxes paid, and now they're trying to come up with per-mile-driven schemes.

Comment: Re:Sci Fi Really Ages Quickly (Score 1) 186

by seven of five (#48400201) Attached to: Battlestar Galactica Creator Glen A. Larson Dead At 77
I agree. The writing was terrible... total hack job. There was a scene in one episode (second season?) where the two space jockeys from Galactica were showing off their math skills on a computer to a journalist on Earth. It was totally ripped off of Day the Earth Stood Still. And that robot dog and the kid --- agh!! And the cylons with the red LED scanner, just like that Knight Rider car thing (and Gort... hmmm).

Not to mention Automan and Manimal :(

Comment: Re:A cost equation (Score 1) 203

by seven of five (#48388463) Attached to: Window Washing a Skyscraper Is Beyond a Robot's Reach
It doesn't exclude me from being a libertarian. I'm just not one. Before you rub your hands in glee at the thought of robots taking over people's occupations, please create decent (and by decent I mean not half-assed) social programs so displaced workers don't starve/lose their homes FIRST.

Comment: Re:A cost equation (Score 5, Insightful) 203

by seven of five (#48386443) Attached to: Window Washing a Skyscraper Is Beyond a Robot's Reach
No, I'm far from Libertarian now, I'm a progressive crank who thinks robots will eventually be the answer to everything. When I see a headline that says "beyond a robot's reach," I think, "Oh, really?"
You could make a robot competent for the job, but it would be much more expensive than a person. That won't always be true however. That's my point.

+ - White House supports " Net Neutrality" in statement issued today.->

Submitted by CapeDoryBob
CapeDoryBob (204240) writes "The White House came out for net neutrality today, and is making recommendations to the FCC. The White House is opposing: throttling, blocking, and charges for preferential access and proposes regulation of internet service providers "like phone companies".

Republicans and lobbyists are salivating at the potential for distorted ads and fees, respectively. ."

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