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Comment Who gets the ticket? (Score 1) 350

If a self-driving car goes too fast, too slow, gets in an accident, etc who gets the ticket? The driver is software. The owner is merely a passenger. If it's a question of, the town needs money and has to ticket someone, then of course the owner gets stuck. But if the goal is to penalize bad driving, then the ticket should go to Google.

Comment Robots @ Warehouses (Score 4, Insightful) 284

Several if not all of the Amazon warehouses now use robots to move shelves to the pickers, instead of the pickers running to the shelves. The sad story of a hard-working Joe who wanted to feed his family & died on the job is becoming the sad story of even the crappy jobs disappearing.

Comment Re:Hans Moravec (Score 1) 269

And if I programmed the machines to not destroy the cells during the upload - what would happen?

You'd have forked yourself. "You" would be in one of the two places (meat or upload) and you'd be staring at a doppleganger who thought he was you. Over time, however, the two forks would drift as they always do and would no longer be indistinguishable. If you were planning that stunt, to avoid going nuts and having awkward scenes at the restaurant, you'd have to anticipate the trouble and deal with it somehow.

And who said anything about PCs? Who'd want to live out their lives in a cruddy Dell Whizbang laptop with crumbs and old Red Bull in the keyboard?

Comment Hans Moravec (Score 4, Interesting) 269

In Mind Children, Moravec described a fascinating scenario. A probe equipped with molecular-scale surgical tools, encloses a few brain cells and simulates them in software while you lie on a table. You have a switch in your hand; as you press it, you flip back and forth between the simulation and the working cells; when you can't tell the difference, the cells are removed. The probe continues to work its way through your brain until no real cells are left. You have been slowly, gradually uploaded into software. This is you, your continual awareness, not a copy of you that takes your place after you've died.

Comment If they're so smart... (Score 1) 186

An alien race with only OUR level of intelligence/development, upon receiving broadcasts from Earth, would recognize them almost immediately as not being from natural phenomena and would have them decoded in a fairly short time. Maybe the signals would make sense, maybe not, but we would surely have their attention. The hard part would be a 2-way communication, as there might be significant cognitive/sensory/cultural differences to overcome.

Comment Re:Gun-free zone? (Score 1) 1165

Perhaps it means that the law says "no guns allowed, unless you're a criminal and don't care about the law".

Of all the rules at the university where I work, no-guns is among the most sensible. The campus has its own police force who have guns and are trained to use them. I wouldn't want to work where any yahoo could wander in packing and I'd have to worry about whether they had any screws loose. On the other hand, a prominent sticker on the door isn't much of a deterrent.

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