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Comment: Eternal laws of human behavior (Score 3, Insightful) 195

by seven of five (#47295913) Attached to: Workplace Surveillance Becoming More Common
1. It is fun to spy on others. It is not fun to be spied upon.
2. You exert power and authority by spying on others, and by forcing them to accept surveillance.
3. People, if they know someone's spying on them, will find ways to thwart or subvert surveillance. Spying then becomes an arms race between those who want to observe and those who resist being observed.

Comment: Re:Worms are a poor model (Score 2) 66

We don't even know if calorie restriction works in humans (not enough people have been starving themselves for long enough to tell)

With billions of people and many, many different kinds of diet, you'd think there'd be more than enough data to validate or falsify CR for humans. For example, prisoners fed near-starvation diets have not been observed to live an extra 50 years.

Of course you can't flap your arms and fly to the moon. After a while you'd run out of air to push against.