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Comment Re:[citation needed] or you're shilling. (Score 1) 301


834.5 KB/s if sustained over a 30.5 day average month, +/- 14 KB/s.

That presumes that the device is able to:
* overcome environmental issues that would affect its operation
* maintain connectivity long enough to keep up with that standard
* does not run into technical issues related to extended throughput via tethered devices. the very least.

Comment A big [citation needed] for Legere. (Score 1) 301

The 2TB mark is very hard to believe, since it requires an minimum sustained throughput of 834.5 KB/s for an average month of 30.5 days, to the device itself.

I sure would like to know what kind of device T-Mobile found that was delivering that absurd throughput. That sounds like a testament to the quality of the phone since it's taking unrealistic loads.

Comment The royal 'we'? Sounds like carrier shill. (Score 1) 301

Your desire to meter harkens back to the bad old days of the 80s and 90s. Thankfully, Net Neutrality makes it infeasible since one cannot readily exempt traffic to recreate CompuServe-era conditions.

Let it die or metering will find itself at the wrong end of regulation.

Comment Re:Your faith in sports terms is misguided. (Score 1) 319

There's already plenty of hostility towards business in the US whether there is reason for it or not.

Their adversarial attitude they regained in the 1980s, with respect to the workforce and other non-business entities, is the source of such hostility.

And how does one kill a business when the business has no presence in the countries where one wants to do the killing.

The US has more than a few allies that are happy to help. Case in point, Huawei - a CPC-run "company" built from stolen parts of Canada's Nortel - has a restricted presence in the US and Australia for matters of national security.

Comment Re:How about the null alternative, no surges? (Score 1) 250

So instead, when those events that raise demand happen, you just can't find a cab instead

Really? That needs a massive [citation needed].

Same deal with tickets for events and expos. Instead of just raising prices, they make everyone spam their browsers for hours to try to get tickest (and if that fails, then scalpers do the "surge pricing" instead. Awesome!).

Go full Singapore and make it a royal PITA to transfer tickets in resale scenarios. That might not translate well to the "we're a taxi service when we want to be, a political interest when we don't" services like Uber, but it answers well to ticketing.

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