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Comment The royal 'we'? Sounds like carrier shill. (Score 1) 124

Your desire to meter harkens back to the bad old days of the 80s and 90s. Thankfully, Net Neutrality makes it infeasible since one cannot readily exempt traffic to recreate CompuServe-era conditions.

Let it die or metering will find itself at the wrong end of regulation.

Comment Re:Your faith in sports terms is misguided. (Score 1) 319

There's already plenty of hostility towards business in the US whether there is reason for it or not.

Their adversarial attitude they regained in the 1980s, with respect to the workforce and other non-business entities, is the source of such hostility.

And how does one kill a business when the business has no presence in the countries where one wants to do the killing.

The US has more than a few allies that are happy to help. Case in point, Huawei - a CPC-run "company" built from stolen parts of Canada's Nortel - has a restricted presence in the US and Australia for matters of national security.

Comment Re:How about the null alternative, no surges? (Score 1) 249

So instead, when those events that raise demand happen, you just can't find a cab instead

Really? That needs a massive [citation needed].

Same deal with tickets for events and expos. Instead of just raising prices, they make everyone spam their browsers for hours to try to get tickest (and if that fails, then scalpers do the "surge pricing" instead. Awesome!).

Go full Singapore and make it a royal PITA to transfer tickets in resale scenarios. That might not translate well to the "we're a taxi service when we want to be, a political interest when we don't" services like Uber, but it answers well to ticketing.

Comment Herbert's Dune comes to mind (Score 2) 319

For those eager to remove jobs with AI/tech, consider that all the bread, circuses, and such will not stop a critical mass of displaced individuals.

The result will be a large reversal of technological progress, most of which would have been avoided by reintegrating displaced individuals.

Comment Your faith in sports terms is misguided. (Score 2) 319

With a (redacted) marketshare we need to (redacted). Putting up more barriers will just have them ignore the US entirely.

It wouldn't be that bad of a disaster, as not all companies could afford to leave. Others would find themselves on the painfully wrong end of some products delivered by more US-friendly peers.

By leaving the US, they would be signing their own death warrants. Embracing the US and her citizens would preserve their existence and remove any reason for hostility.

Comment Nope, it is not, strongly deluded libertarian (Score 1) 249

[redacted econo-speak]

Just kill the variability model altogether. People want a ride, not the hassle of auctioneering-speak

Taxis do much better than either your model or Uber's existing surge model by providing a consistent price structure. In addition, they provide service regardless of rating.

Comment Surge pricing wasn't meant to exist, shill. (Score 1) 249

[bromide on surge pricing]

Zil Lanes, like those implemented in car-hostile Atlanta, they're a function of government policy catering to hippies. In the case of the "not a taxi service" Uber, they only survive by intimidating places like New York City, which should have taken the wiser route of Paris.

Comment Death by Diversity Candidates (Score 1) 184

It's still 60% white. White doesn't count anymore?

They detract from diversity candidate quotas, and thus must be reduced to some token number. They would rather have the non-diverse whites on a permatemp track that leads nowhere - or not employed at all.

Comment Except when that "fallacy" isn't. (Score 1) 414

It doesn't work that way. To address and preempt your lines of argument:

Skilled immigrating workers may bring capabilities that are not available in the native workforce

Realistically, they're not. Unless culturally-developed attitudes of non-objecting servitude is a capability, they're only bringing in warm bodies with a lack of citizenship status. Why else would a need exist to train them on non-trivial concepts, a la California Edison & Disney?

...immigration of young employable people tends to expand the economy by more than the number of jobs they take, creating net employment for the pre-existing workforce.

This needs a large [citation needed], since the only "extra" jobs relate to

  Legal services that only exist to defend the status quo, which is to replace citizens with non-citizens
  Jobs given to individuals closely related to said H1-b individuals.
  Statistically-generated "gains" that exist largely on paper.

Remove those and you will see a net loss on citizens and a net gain on non-citizen (guest worker) labor. The "net gain" jobs you (and other non-citizen labor force) suggest just simply doesn't exist.

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