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Comment: Thoughts (Score 2) 273

by sesshomaru (#44839791) Attached to: Study Shows Professors With Tenure Are Worse Teachers

"After all, you don't get tenure by dazzling 18-year-olds with PowerPoints. "

I don't know about the study, but the article is garbage.

The professor's job is not to entertain students, it's to teach them. Sometimes, students don't like the teachers who force them to work hard and learn the material.

That's why we have tenure.

Comment: I'm glad you asked.... (Score 1) 337

by sesshomaru (#44676437) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Good Ideas For Creative Gaming With Girlfriend?

Although my significant other simply will not engage in any online activities with me... or with anyone else, pretty much, I do have a good idea for other people.

Gary's Mod Theater Mode!

Yes, it's true, you are limited to watching stuff on Youtube, but there is a lot of good stuff on there. And it isn't as taxing as playing a real game type game.

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