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by serviscope_minor (#47958799) Attached to: Washington DC To Return To Automatic Metro Trains

If that were correct how would the Docklands Light Railway operate above ground without any drivers at all?

You are right in part: the late and IMO not lamented Bob Crow has been responsible for a lot of stupidness by running that union.

However, the subsurface lines share infrastructure with the surburban railways, whereas the DLR is essentially a closed system.

Comment: Re:This is supposed to be the *WAY* they do their (Score 1) 367

That's not the point here. It's a fact that governments always do their best to cover up their mistakes and self-aggrandize.

As opposed to companies which self aggrandize and do their best to cover up their mistakes?

Seriously you can generalize that to:

PEOPLE do their best to self aggrandize a corollary of which is covering up mistakes.

Singling out the goverment (made of people, just like Soylent Green) as opposed to companies (also Soylent Green) makes it look like you have an axe to grind. Do you?

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For example the central line has been automated since the 90s. Drivers there just to go on strike

+1 internets. So true.

Though in actual fact the drivers do serve some other purposes. Parts of the subsurface system (Central, District, Metropolitan, Hammersmith and City) are open to the air or just plain above ground. The drivers are needed in case there are unexpected obstructions on the line. Also, since none of the stations are designed for it (unlike the new metro line in Paris), the drivers are needed to make sure that the train is safe to leave and no passengers are stuck in the doors and so on.

The other, important purpose it to make sarcastic announcements when the train gets stuck at a signal, which is something they do excel at.

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by serviscope_minor (#47957891) Attached to: Washington DC To Return To Automatic Metro Trains

Washington DC Metro and San Francisco BART are very similar systems and were designed from the outset for fully automatic operation.

I still don't see why this should be a problem. As the article pointed out the London Underground operates flawlessly in this regard. There's a mix of trains there. All trains can be manually driven. Some lines are now pretty much fully automatic with the driver only required to press the button to start the trip to the next station.

Neither manual not automatic operation seems to have problems.

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Judging by the number of broken web sites I've seen lately, we could use a bit more staticness and a bit less dynamicness

And a good deal faster too. It seems to be very fashionable now to use heaps of mandatory JS to serve up what in the end amounts to some text with a few images and perhaps a link or two. In other words exactly what HTML was designed to do, except it used 20M of JS libraries, hogs the CPU for a few minutes to render and is otherwise horrid.

But hey, it uses a different font to the default.

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That would be exactly my point. You just label anyone that disagrees with you to have "outright reprehensible behaviour".

And you just cherry pick and ouright make shit up. If you read his posts, you will very clearly see that he does not in fact label literally everyone who disagrees with him as having outright reprehensible behaviour. As far as I see, it's fine for him to label the dickheads who disagree as dickheads.

Either that or you just conveniently ignore (or pretend don't exist) the huge amount of people that disagree with you and do not have reprehensible behaviour.

I think you're confused as to who is ignoring what. You seem to be ignoring the people who disagree over things in a reasonable way who he isn't in fac labelling as sexist.

You think that you are better than people; you think that entitles you to act like an asshole.

You're projecting here. What I see is him disagreeing with people who are basically asshole MRAs and you jumping all over him accusing him of being a "straw feminist" whatever the fuck that is. You are thereby getting a very smug feeling of superiority over him (and now presumably me) which is exactly what you're accusing him of.

Comment: Re:Is there a single field that doesn't? (Score 1) 444

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But when I came back recently, the first thing I noticed was that the community is awful. Apparently everyone with 2 ounces of social skills left a while ago. The people left seem to be mostly basement dwelling neckbeards who have ridiculous issues with women.

Witness the rise of the MRA movement. The shared voice seems to have emboldened them o share their deep issues and repulsive attitudes much more freely.

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It's a toy.

Bullshit. That's spoken like someone with too little imagination to know what to do with it. There's plenty of useful stuff one can do with a single head PLA only 3D printer. Look for example at how many printers are built with printed parts. Turns out you can build more than just 3D printers with plastic parts. Who knew, eh?

And with a little gingery furnace, one can go from cheap 3D printed plastic t cast aluminium... there are several online guides for this. And so on.

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Egads. You're making this too complicated. Just buy them a Chromebook or an iPad with a keyboard and be done with it.

That's it! Simple?

Out of interest do chromebooks and/or iPads support dialup? If not, your simple suggestion is suddenly not so simple as you like to believe.

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Gmail optimizes for low bandwidth links.

Not really, it doesn't. I mean it seems to optimize for what googlers consider to be low bandwidth (anything under about 150mbit/s or so), but for actual modem speeds it makes me yearn for 1996 era hotmail. Now that really was optimized for low bandwidth links.

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There are FOSS versions available, but proprietary versions, like Eagle, are significantly easier to use.

I like and use Eagle. However, have you seen the push routing in KiCad? That looks really, really nice. Of course I haven't switched because I now have my nice component libraries. KiCad is beginning to get very positive opinions.

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