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Comment: Re:Collapse (Score 3, Interesting) 139

by rednip (#49789483) Attached to: Scientists Reverse Aging In Human Cell Lines
Actually, without any 'enforcement' at all, the average woman in the U.S has a fertility rate of 1.6, which is actually less than the replacement rate need for a stable population even if we eliminate old age. If it wasn't for immigration we'd be losing population. Virtually all 'advanced economies' are the same.

Comment: Re:Sample questions (Score 1) 149

by mobby_6kl (#49765073) Attached to: Al-Qaeda's Job Application Form Revealed

Those sound like school math test questions, not job interview ones.

Estimate how many infidels there are in the middle east right now that need killing.

Please talk about a time you had a disagreement with a Shia colleague and how you handled it?

How many sticks of dynamite can you fit in a Peugeot sedan? Before the suspension starts to visibly sag?

Explain Jihad to an 8-year old in 3 sentences or fewer.

Comment: Re:acceptance is the only fair outcome (Score 2) 301

That's a ridiculous argument you're making. Just because women have it bad at the bottom of the socioeconomic ladder (unlike men??), doesn't mean it doesn't suck for them in STEM when compared to men, which is the test you should be making. I suspect this has partially something to do with opinions like yours.

Comment: Re:This is fucking stupid. (Score 2) 279

Thickness of skin has nothing to do with it, I'm pretty much impossible to offend or seriously piss off. The real problem with trolls is that they're a huge waste of everyone's time, even if you can ban/ignore them, you still have to read their posts at least once first.

Comment: Re:In other words (Score 1) 312

by TheLink (#49440729) Attached to: Google, Apple and Microsoft Squirm As Global Tax Schemes Scrutinized

Must be nice being a multinational corporation, getting to chose how much taxes you pay and where you pay them...

On a related note:

Seriously, in my opinion if an entity can declare in the USA (for example) earnings and other stuff as its own, borrow money using it as collateral, and decide how that $$$$ or stuff is used, then that entity actually owns the stuff and should pay the relevant taxes.

So many corporations are saying to shareholders and everyone else that the huge profits are theirs and yet turn to the tax dept and say no they didn't make any profit - the profits belong to some company in Ireland or wherever else. In my opinion that's fraudulent from an ethical point of view.

Say you tried to do the same thing - declare some $$$$$$ income in official public announcements/filings to everyone, borrow money using that income, order "unrelated people (who somehow have similar names as yours)" to use that income to buy stuff. Do you think you'd get away with telling the Tax Dept that the income isn't yours and you don't have to pay taxes on it?

Maybe this would cause some companies to fully move out from the USA to other countries. But at least they would no longer benefit from what the USA provides without paying their fair share.

Comment: Re:Don't worry actors (Score 2) 360

by TheLink (#49384759) Attached to: Why More 'Star Wars' Actors Don't Become Stars
Uh the pixar lamps have more emotion than the actors in the phantom menace.

That movie was so bad - it seemed to me like most of the actors were just reading their lines for the first time, and then George Lucas goes "CUT! OK that's good, let's go make more dresses for Amidala".

It's like someone doing a presentation for the first time and reading what's written on it line by line vs someone doing it for the 100th time and going "fuck the slide, now let me tell you a story". It takes a while for actors to figure out who their character should be and how the character would and should act.

And that sort of thing results in Han Solo's famous in-character "I know" to Leia's "I love you" instead of the boring forgettable "I love you, too" that was apparently in the script.

That's why you hire actors - for their input - they'll tell you that their character shouldn't do X and should and would do Y instead. They might not always be right, but the good ones often are since they're focusing on that one character whereas you as the director are doing a lot of other things. The original writer might write a lot of stuff that works in a book, but doesn't work in a movie.

Someone earlier said acting was lying. But it's a higher form of lying where you are true to the character. Just like the Joker hospital explosion scene when not all the explosions went off as planned, and Heath Ledger improvised and turned the fault into a cool feature.

A nonactor like me could "tell the same lies" but not be believable as that character at all.

Comment: Re:Won't everything need to be recompiled? (Score 1) 85

Future efforts are likely to concentrate on the ppc64le architecture variant, which is little endian. There are still some differences to x86_64 at the C level (chars are unsigned by default, but you can compile with -fsigned-char), but it is reportedly not too difficult to port over C/C++ application code.

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