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Comment: Re:Sweden's case won't really matter (Score 0) 143 143

"The UK had no beef in this originally, they were just acting on an EU arrest warrant"

They acted on an invalid EU warrant. They post-fixed the paperwork later when he was in solitary. And why was he unnecessarily put in solitary? There were so many things wrong about the way the UK went about it.

Bail-jumping was a serious thing to do but Assange had weighed up his options. The risk of being executed evidently outweighed being cooped up in a hole for years. He was pretty much screwed either way.


Comment: Re:This affects you personally, yes? (Score 1) 143 143

I don't get your point. What does being a jerk have to do with anything? The guy took on a massively funded secret organisation in the US government that has the ability to assassinate people with no consequences, and put that country back onto the path of accountable democracy. He put the US on the first step of fixing their democracy. Next is their corrupt Senate and system of lobbying, but that's not his battle.


Comment: Re:Competent Authorities (Score 1) 143 143

It's strange you label 90% of the people as "having no fucking clue". Even if they are the silent majority, most people appreciate the work Assange has done. A lot of them are actually quite literate. He has made a lot of sacrifices, ones that most of us would never make. Without Assange, we would never have had Snowdon. There would be no public debate. Just the gradual slide of democratic nations into a police state.

Your knowledge of France, the law, or even the word capitulate, is suspect. I think you have nothing to contribute so should probably shut up.


Comment: Re:Collapse (Score 3, Interesting) 140 140

Actually, without any 'enforcement' at all, the average woman in the U.S has a fertility rate of 1.6, which is actually less than the replacement rate need for a stable population even if we eliminate old age. If it wasn't for immigration we'd be losing population. Virtually all 'advanced economies' are the same.

Comment: Re:Sample questions (Score 1) 149 149

Those sound like school math test questions, not job interview ones.

Estimate how many infidels there are in the middle east right now that need killing.

Please talk about a time you had a disagreement with a Shia colleague and how you handled it?

How many sticks of dynamite can you fit in a Peugeot sedan? Before the suspension starts to visibly sag?

Explain Jihad to an 8-year old in 3 sentences or fewer.

"It's what you learn after you know it all that counts." -- John Wooden