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Comment: Re:McCarthy the Playmate? (Score 0) 577

by horza (#46746531) Attached to: Jenny McCarthy: "I Am Not Anti-Vaccine'"

No, you just need to be gullible.

Doctors have been taking kick-backs for prescribing drugs for years. They have a long historical record of gettings things wrong. Previously using the wrong drugs and killing a bunch of people was not too serious, a number were probably going to die anyway. However something you are giving to an entire generation of healthy children you had better be pretty damn sure there aren't going to be side-effects down the line.


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by horza (#46746349) Attached to: Jenny McCarthy: "I Am Not Anti-Vaccine'"

Indeed. Today we are given vaccine shots against typhoid. Before the general medical consensus was to ingest mercury as a cure. Interesting article here. Of course there was the medical backlash and studies to show no links between mercury and poisoning. All wrong. I had mercury fillings in my teeth when I was younger, which I was then told was poisonous and had to be drilled out and replaced. Very pleasant.

McCarthy has a good point. We can't keep pumping our kids full of these old vaccines without doing regular studies, and using some of the profits to ensure safer versions. Personally I will selectively vaccinate my kids up to a certain age, depending on risk factor, then they can choose themselves. I had both mumps and measles, it was hardly a big deal. If the kids are old enough it's probably even better they get it naturally and get over it than take the vaccine.


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But as long as the common livestock never catch wind of it they will happy continue to graze, chew their cud and pick on of the two "different" options presented for their approval every 4 years and things will continue as they have done for decades now.

People do not have much of a chance against a system which forces them to operate by its rules. The system is dysfunctional, a failure of process has occurred. It does not matter if people are engaged in politics, the "sheeple" you disdain, or apathetic cynics like yourself.

All efforts to change a dysfunctional system from within its own rules will fail miserably. Case in Point: Occupy, an abysmal failure of a movement, based on the absurd notion that the system can be changed from within or by asking politely. Frankly I think that's worse than being sheeple or apathetic as it legitimizes the corrupt at the reigns of power.

So lay off the general voting population. Change is really, really hard, and I don't see you proposing many solid alternatives.

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by ObsessiveMathsFreak (#46741839) Attached to: Is Germany Raising a Generation of Illiterates?

Do they always jump in feet first with these new teaching methods or something? Don't they test it on a small control group or a dozen to make sure it's not the latest new-age garbage?

Teaching methods are almost never subjected to experimental verification. They are devised by 20-35 year old academics with little teaching experience and a desperate need to get enough publications to be put on tenure track. Experiments would get in the way of such promising careers.

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Management knew changing the part was akin to admitting the fault. The engineer did it on his own to save lives - company be damned.

And by betraying the sacred orders of management, and placing the safety and lives of fellow moochers above the right and holy profits due to his Executive betters, this man has betrayed the Almighty Market in word, deed, and heart, and his treachery must be uncovered, defamed, and justly punished as an example to all who would turn against the Word of Galt.

See you in the Club.

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by horza (#46732515) Attached to: Wi-Fi Problems Dog Apple-Samsung Trial

Sure, I love the iPhone with a movie projector built in. Oh that doesn't exist, only Samsung does one. Apple ripped of the LG Prada and ran with it. They got lucky in their timing. Since everybody else has overtaken them. Who cares if they throw in a fingerprint sensor, they've been around forever on keyboards and never taken off. If Samsung throw it in as a 'ticklist' item not to be outdone then fine but nobody is going to buy a phone for such a gimmick.

Hope the sign on the door doesn't have rounded corners, otherwise the Samsung defence team wouldn't be able to go back into court for fear of infringement.


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