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+ - Are we watching the same show

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serialdj writes "This goes out to all the Attack of the Show fans around here. Came across an interesting tweet today from AOTS host Chris Hardwick about an "article" someone came across on about fellow host Olivia Munn.

Turns out miss Munn doesn't really like games, cartoon, or nerds, but rather doing drugs with her high dollar pimps. Here's more from this article "I'm in utter disgust this morning as I research this website G4TV. It is a classic case of "devil in sheeps clothing." I could get into all the different way this filth is against God, but I want to focus on one show and mainly one person....Olivia Munn on Attack of the Show."

This drivel can be found here , although I'm not suprised about this, coming from a site with an article that reads "Protecting Your Child Against The Homosexual TV Agenda"

What do you say fellow /.'ers, does anyone have any suggestions?"

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