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Comment: Re:Professionalism (Score 1) 1231

by sergiodj (#29971248) Attached to: Some Early Adopters Stung By Ubuntu's Karmic Koala
I also had major problems, both in my personal computer as in my girlfriend's notebook. I am a Gentoo user (but have another notebook with Ubuntu installed), so I could easily look out for the solutions --- or even report bugs when applicable. However, my girlfriend didn't have the same "luck", so she had to use Windows during a whole day before I could take a look and try to fix her Ubuntu.

Comment: Re:"Meetings"? (Score 5, Interesting) 103

by sergiodj (#29781561) Attached to: How To List FOSS Experience On Your Resume
Some FOSS projects (especially those sponsored by a company, like Red Hat's Archer project) have regular meetings via phone calls in order to discuss the status of the activities, decide about new features, etc. As a positive side effect, it makes the developers interact more with each other and create a stronger connection between them.

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