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Comment: Re:DNA resonance (Score 4, Informative) 221

by serent (#40524093) Attached to: Full-Body Airport Scanners Downsizing For Doctors/Dentists
In 2011, a further study was done that indicated that under normal circumstances, this theoretical danger shouldn't be an issue, but recommended rigorous experimentation to confirm this:

Modelling DNA Response to THz Radiation

The long and short of it is, it's probably ok but if we're going to start putting them in cell phones, further studying should be done.

Comment: Try a disc library (Score 1) 133

by serent (#14739343) Attached to: Best Method for Automated CD Ripping?
You could use a CD or DVD ROM library such as the R200ROM from A disc library used in conjunction with software which operates it allows discs to be automatically loaded and accessed. This kind of solution is expensive though, so is best used when you will have to do this frequently. Using several PCs or a local teenager may well be faster and cheaper overall.

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