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+ - CIA documents acknowledge its role in Iran's 1953 coup->

Submitted by serbianheretic
serbianheretic writes: From BBC News: The CIA has released documents which for the first time formally acknowledge its key role in the 1953 coup which ousted Iran's democratically elected Prime Minister, Mohammad Mossadeq. The documents were published on the independent National Security Archive on the 60th anniversary of the coup.
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Comment: Learning about computer hardware, then and now (Score 1) 612

by serbianheretic (#41514883) Attached to: Ask Steve Wozniak Anything
In the 70-ies and 80-ies, computers had limited resources, but were hardware hacker's dream. Today we are left with basically 2 models of complicated beasts with thick layers of kludges and software hiding the lot. What is the best way to learn about low level stuff today, in your opinion? Make your own 8-bit machine? Play with software only, because hardware is "finished" bussiness? Or something else.

Comment: Radiation resistance? (Score 4, Interesting) 73

by serbianheretic (#40208663) Attached to: ARM Expects 20-Nanometer Processors By Late 2013
I often wonder, with traces being made smaller all the time, how does this affect radiation resistance? Are we going to hit the point soon where just laying the chip open in the sunlight creates enough of random electron/hole generation, so that the device becomes useless? We already know that chips must be hardened to work in space, how long until this is true for Earth-tied ones? If someone has an answer, it would be interesting to know.

Comment: 60 years - premature, 10 years - ok? (Score 1) 735

by serbianheretic (#37915040) Attached to: US Defunds UNESCO After Palestine Vote
Well it took USA only 10 years to recognize Kosovo as a state, after bomb-bomb "liberation". Somehow 60 years is premature for Palestine. Land of the free (lies). Home of the brave (firefighters?). Stop invading other countries, and use that money to fix your own house. And don't give money to Israel or to anyone else. Then a Middle East peace treaty will be signed immediately.

Comment: That's why - Khrushchev (Score 1) 111

by serbianheretic (#36996068) Attached to: Belarus Cracks Down On VKontakte
And this my friends, is precisely what the anonymity on the internet is good. To protect us from the "big brother". During some speech in mid-50's (after Stalin's death), Nikita Khrushchev was criticizing stalinism. Someone from the audience said: "so why haven't you people in the Central Comitee said nothing against the abuses?". "Who said that?!" - yelled Khrushchev. Silence... "Who said that?!" - yelled Khrushchev again. Silence again... "That's why." - concluded Khrushchev.

Comment: Meh. Just invade another country (Score 1) 279

by serbianheretic (#36943148) Attached to: Volunteer Towns Sought For Nuclear Waste
Meh. Just invade another country and dump your nuclear waste there. It is already done with spent uranium in many artillery shells (tank busting especially). Read about Falluja/Kosovo cancers/birth deformities. However, this uranium affects occupying forces as well, not just inteded victims. War side effects, I suppose. OTOH, it won't bother those sitting in Washington.

Comment: Well done (Score 2) 35

by serbianheretic (#36814286) Attached to: Russia Launches Delayed Radiotelescope
Well done Russia. Finally some competition in space research area. Maybe this will also get NASA some badly needed funds. Then again, war in Afghanistan/Iraq/Libya/... is more pressing. And making rich richer by reducing the tax they are paying. They need their gold plated Lamborghinis after all, silver plating just won't do.

Comment: Re:Scary (Score 1) 573

by serbianheretic (#28085311) Attached to: North Korea Conducts Nuclear Test
Yes. You can have your nuclear toys, but not bad bad North Koreans... They took their cue from Iraqis, Serbs, and many others that were trampled - because they didn't have nuclear weapons. Stop invading others, and need for nuclear deterrence will disappear. And don't get me started on humanitarian interventions. Why you didn't intervene in Georgia or Sudan?

Comment: Reduced oxygen levels to increase lifespan (Score 1) 639

by serbianheretic (#24133517) Attached to: Ask Aubrey de Grey About Longevity Research

It has been known for a while that lifespan can be increased with a special diet.

Looking at plants where metabolic rates are low and lifespans are often enormous, I started wondering whether it would be possible to increase animal lifespan by reducing oxygen intake
(from 21 to 18% in the air they breathe, for example).
This would slow down the metabolic rate and oxidation, and hopefully increase the lifespan.

Has this been tried yet in animals and what is your opinion about this?

Thank you.

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