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Comment: Re:it depends on what "skilled worker" means. (Score 1) 401

by serbanp (#47402095) Attached to: No Shortage In Tech Workers, Advocacy Groups Say

However, there are about 600,000 H1B workers in the USA. How many of these do you believe have the skills only found in comp-sci grad programs, or more to the point, how many of those don't have and don't need grad school comp-sci skills?

One thing I never understood is why so many posters on /. believe that Comp-Sci is the only highly technical field that matters. H1B visa holders are many times technically-educated people who have nothing to do with programming (i.e. Chemistry, Materials Physics, EE etc).

The Sun does not revolve around IT, so why are we suggesting it does?

Comment: this guy is out of his mind (Score 3, Insightful) 228

by serbanp (#47364045) Attached to: Nathan Myhrvold's Recipe For a Better Oven

Not only it's not obvious what "better" means when baking is involved, but he's showing his Microsoft roots here, stupid "improvements" that make the whole system break so much easier.

It's a known fact that most "modern" residential ovens, the ones with displays, lots of buttons to set baking programs etc, should never use the self-clean cycle. The thermal insulation is not good enough to protect the electronics (a.k.a. control board) and the oven fails, typically after a high-heat cycle (the self-clean reaches 700-800*F). This is equally true for GE and Whirlpool as well as for Viking and Ilve.

Adding more electronics to a hot environment is asking for more and expensive trouble.

Commercial appliances are better built though, are they Myhrvold's target? In any case, his post is just a petulant rant showing overkill application of technology, just because "he can". Zapping mosquitoes with laser beams sounds more realistic...

Comment: Re:Why not also Egypt? (Score 1) 40

by serbanp (#47199041) Attached to: DNA Study: First Farmers Were Also Sailors

However, the general consensus is that Egypt borrowed the agriculture invention, and rather late at that (~5000BC), not the other way around.

The Egypt's ancient culture has been focused on the Nile *exclusively*, they did not care about the delta and sea-faring until they started meddling in Middle East affairs (1200BC or so). The first major sea port has been founded in Classic Antiquity only!

Comment: Re:My friends don't fart... (Score 4, Interesting) 148

by serbanp (#47187963) Attached to: Fasting Triggers Stem Cell Regeneration of Damaged, Old Immune System

Farting is caused by the inability of our intestine to break complex sugars (lack of specialized enzymes), examples of which can be found in legumes. These sugars then reach the gut, where bacteria have no problems breaking them, releasing gasses in the process.

There are even pills you can take with your food (e.g. when eating beans) that provide the missing enzyme so that you won't fart. In US, Beano is probably the most popular one.

You won't fart just because you ate a chocolate bar. And b.t.w., these complex sugars are not sweet, therefore there is no connection between eating sweets and farting.

Comment: Re:Human's a very good at not dying (Score 1) 483

by serbanp (#47080841) Attached to: Botched Executions Put Lethal Injections Under New Scrutiny

It must be a sad world in your neck of the woods or you're plain trolling. Gun ownership is much lower in Europe, you've been watching too many action movies "located" there.

I also don't see why you felt compelled to bring in the 2nd; the topic had nothing to do with it and nobody referred to it. Just take a deep breath and cool down.

Comment: Re:Seamless fallback (Score 1) 126

by serbanp (#47079069) Attached to: US Wireless Carriers Shifting To Voice Over LTE

Unfortunately, the major carriers keep scaling down the voice repeaters to increase the data bandwidth instead. The network I'm on (Sprint) is getting worse and worse for pure voice calls, with new dead zones appearing very frequently - all in a metropolitan area.

Soon the voice service will be so bad you'll be happy to permanently switch to VoIP.

Comment: Re:Local gardens and farms? (Score 2) 137

by serbanp (#46884751) Attached to: Interview: Ask Ben Starr About the Future of Food

Chickens a make noise, all the time. They poop FAR more then you think, they're are stupid and do stupid things. They get diseases, there are predators, they die, they can fly over fences

I usually appreciate your comments but you're dead wrong about this subject.

In my block of SFH there are 4 people keeping chicken (myself included) and there is hardly any noise related to the chicken. The only noise they make is after they've laid an egg. No rooster allowed though.

If you keep the run dry (roof against rain and covered with absorbent things, such as straw), there is no smell at all from their poop, which anyway is not an issue.

Chicken are not stupid, especially if they live in decent conditions (not crowded, clean environment, fresh water, nutritious food, gentle handling etc). Some breeds are quite smart for a bird (Ameraucana comes to mind). Almost all will protect themselves from day predators (hawks etc), especially in a backyard context. At night, you keep the coop closed, so there's no risk.

If they're well fed, chicken will not be able to fly over a 8' fence once they're reaching adulthood (but maybe the bantam do).

As for diseases, they almost never get sick if properly cared for. Good food, enough room and clean coop/run go a long way in keeping the (vet.) doctor away.

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