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Comment how they do it anyway? (Score 1) 378

I'm wondering about how the printer driver is capable of figuring out the installation location and select it at the time of first use. At least with the CD units of old, a pop-up window asking you to confirm the region was issued. Here, though, they claim that the selection is silent, without notifying the customer.

Comment Re:drone pilot is lying through the teeth (Score 1) 664

Not all drone systems have goggles. Mine does not.

So you're flying yours within your view range. Does it have an on-board camera? If it does, all you can do with it is to record "in blind", as you can't see what the camera sees - a gimbal on the camera would be pretty useless. This is clearly not the case with the downed drone.

And, I hate to tell you, but when I fly my drone, I hover for much longer periods of time just to see how it does at station keeping, with absolutely no interest in what is on the ground -- other than to see that the ground image doesn't move

Most people flying their drone to hone their hovering skills would be at a park or on an field, not over a residential area. BTW, wasn't the T&A belonging to the neighbor's teenager?

Look, I'm not defending the shotgun guy. I believe that the whole thing is just a case of an asshole flying his toy in an inconsiderate manner meeting an asshole with a gun. Since the gun-toting seems to be a permanent "freedom" fixture, the consequences will be limited to the shooter. Assholes with quads though can ruin it for everyone involved in this hobby (no drone lobby to defend it), and that's really a pity.

Comment Re:drone pilot is lying through the teeth (Score 1) 664

The drone was clearly piloted as a FPV vehicle. As such, it had to have one video downlink for the pilot's goggles. That video stream *always* has OSD telemetry information, at least altitude, orientation vs. the launch point, speed, maybe battery charge status and timestamp.

This stream can be recorded off the goggles themselves as the main video data. Alternately, a second, high quality camera can be installed under the drone in an RC gimbal. In that case, a second downlink may be needed in order to control what the high-quality camera "sees" and that stream may not have OSD information, but will be good quality.

The video presented as proof does not fall in either category.

If your point is that the drone was piloted via GPS waypoints on a computer screen, then it's difficult to explain why it would hover for 22 seconds in a location of no interest.

Comment drone pilot is lying through the teeth (Score 1) 664

The video seems to be heavily edited and there is no way to actually prove it's from the fateful flight. As others pointed out already, if that would be real, the pilot would have absolutely no idea who shot the drone down.

Furthermore, initial claims of missing the SDcard notwithstanding, the image quality is so poor that it's hard to believe it came from a 1.8k drone. No telemetry data or even a time stamp? Really suspicious.

The more the pilot is trying to justify himself (e.g. by "finding" the lost footage), the more he looks like a lying dick.

Comment Re:Wait, what? (Score 2) 361

Bullshit. The RoundUp-Ready trait is useful only because you douse your whole plot with RoundUp and every plant not resistant to it dies in 2-3 days.

Schmeiser did not "find" the useful trait. To find it, he would have had to use RoundUp before *knowing* that some plants are resistant to it. However, RoundUp has no practical use except as a herbicide together with RoundUp-Ready plants, so he had no reason to have some around.

I have no love for Monsanto and their horrible legal practices, but that Schmeiser guy was clearly a smartass trying to rig the system.

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 528

If you knew anything about quads, you wouldn't make the mistake thinking that a $1.8k drone relies solely on GPS (even a redundant one) to determine altimetry.

To be able to keep the same altitude (i.e. fixed point hovering), one needs augmentation via altimeters and/or active radar techniques (optical or ultrasound).

Comment Re:Really? (Score 3, Interesting) 528

And you believe this? Even with good shotshell and a patterned gun, it's very unlikely to score a buckshot kill at more than 40-45 yards away. Hard to do for a stationary deer, impossible with a drone in the air.

The telemetry was either faked or, as an astute AC explained already, was showing the altitude at the launch point, which may be lower than the "trigger-happy" guy's backyard.

It simply doesn't pass the smell test.

Comment solar powered? (Score 1) 239

There is no way to supply a high-power appliance (such as an AirCon) directly out of a PV array. None.

The panel is always operated at a point (MPPT) where it produces the most power, but that power is highly fluctuating whenever there's a slight obstruction in the incident sunlight (clouds, stray leafs, even passing birds).

You need a DC/DC power converter feeding a battery array. Then the DC appliance can be powered from that battery pack. Overall, an expensive solution mostly due to the need of local energy storage.

Comment Re:it could... (Score 2) 148

I did it together with my (then) 9yo, after he became interested in crystals (he got as a present some sort of "crystal science" kit).

The contraption operated for 2 days, after which I messed it up trying to add some water to the solution. At that time the crystal was about 15mm long (and not really a monocrystal, as I was hoping).

The gear box is still around somewhere, gathering dust. Maybe I'll try again when the little one reaches a similar age. In the meanwhile, I learned how to do time lapse photography :-)

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