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Comment Re:video transmission (Score 1) 199

Sorry Lumpy, but if the design draws almost as much in standby as in fully-on mode, its power design is crappy. All bits that are not used for keeping the network connection alive can be disabled; the network portion should be responsible only for a reasonable percentage of the power being burned - 91% is not reasonable.

Comment Re: The Good Parts of HP have been gone for years. (Score 1) 198

yeah, some of their more recent scopes are damn weird: the DPO5000 series has a counter-intuitive interface (crappy touch screen, many functions are accessible only by mouse), while a MSO4000 we bought does not accept standard "smart" probes (which the TDS4000 models support), a downright sleazy move as nowhere was this "small" detail mentioned beforehand.

The older stuff is more intuitive, compatible across series and very reliable.

Comment Re:GOOD GRIEF! (Score 1) 570

It seems that you misunderstood what the researchers did. They fed a set of subjects fructose-sweetened soda and another set glucose-based soda. Both table sugar and HFCS have similar amounts of both.

As for the taste, HFCS is slightly sweeter, but aside from that, any difference must come from residual elements in the sweetener. Absolutely pure sugar and HFCS would taste similarly.

Comment Re:GOOD GRIEF! (Score 1) 570

Cane sugar, sucrose, is not the only sugar.

Yeah, you're right, it's the two sugars (50% fructose and 50% glucose).

And you're ignorant about what's in the American soft drinks too. The vast majority are sweetened with HFCS, which is about 55% fructose and 45% glucose, practically a wash when comparing to sugar. Both equally bad because of the fructose.

Comment Re:The guy is desparate - mainstream media are bia (Score 1) 578

Nobody gives a FF if it's better. It's the culture of the land, you come here, you integrate. If you don't want to integrate, you should not be allowed to come here.

The whole debacle is circling around the idea that since drinking water from the water fountain is good, drinking it from a high-pressure fire hydrant is also good.

Comment chill out! (Score 1) 146

Cut him some slack, will you?

It is obvious that Tom did this pretty much useless hack to amuse himself and, maybe, to hint at the total waste of resources the emoji concept leads to.

Tom is a really nice and interesting guy, he doesn't deserve the bleating his kludge produced here, on /.

Comment Re:can they mass produce this thing? (Score 1) 90

Wafer yield is an imperfect science, you can't predict it within a couple percent what it will be except if it's very high (90% and more).

Moreover, they're talking about binning the rare part that somehow hits the target speed at much lower VDD. I don't think one can estimate the chance of this occurring in a batch.

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