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Comment: Re:Can he win? (Score 2) 395

by serbanp (#49603143) Attached to: Bernie Sanders, Presidential Candidate and H-1B Skeptic

And you think the Sept 11 attacks are completely unrelated to (at least of of) those two wars you keep mentioning.

Your comments spread across this thread are quite reasonable but here you fail both logic and common sense. Sept 11 attacks preceded the two wars often mentioned here and, unless you've been living under a rock in the past 14 years, you should know that the I war had nothing to do with Sept 11 while the A war was mostly a knee-jerk reaction to said attacks. Both shameful mis-uses of the US military resources and complete failures by any metric.

Comment: Re:It's not surprising (Score 1) 129

by serbanp (#49531823) Attached to: YouTube Going Dark On Older Devices

Unless you wanted to settle for a lower performance display, you could not find a Plasma TV from Panasonic (the Cadillac of all TVs) without "smart" features. Even today, almost two years since they stopped making them, these TVs run circles around the current crop of LCD-based ones. Therefore, no, the "smart" features were not optional...

+ - Resistance to antibiotics found in isolated Amazonian tribe->

Submitted by sciencehabit
sciencehabit writes: When scientists first made contact with an isolated village of Yanomami hunter-gatherers in the remote mountains of the Amazon jungle of Venezuela in 2009, they marveled at the chance to study the health of people who had never been exposed to Western medicine or diets. But much to their surprise, these Yanomami’s gut bacteria have already evolved a diverse array of antibiotic-resistance genes, according to a new study, even though these mountain people had never ingested antibiotics or animals raised with drugs. The find suggests that microbes have long evolved the capability to fight toxins, including antibiotics, and that preventing drug resistance may be harder than scientists thought.
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+ - The Hidden FM Radio Inside Your Pocket->

Submitted by mr crypto
mr crypto writes: Data providers would probably prefer you not know that most smart phones contain an FM chip that lets you listen to broadcasts for free: "But the FM chip is not activated on two-thirds of devices. That's because mobile makers have the FM capability switched off." The National Association of Broadcasters, National Public Radio, and American Public Media — have launched a lobbying campaign to get those radios switched on.
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Comment: Re:Going off the grid completeletly is stupid (Score 5, Interesting) 281

by serbanp (#49450687) Attached to: The Myth of Going Off the Power Grid

Why would they? The grid has no inherent storage capability into which to dump your day-time excess energy. It costs the power company to manage your bit of excess you're trying to dump into the grid.

A few days ago I saw a nice graph showing PG&E's averaged output power during a typical 24h. It's a slanted U-shape, with the bottom somewhere around noon, then a sharp increase between 6PM and 9PM, tapering off after midnight and dropping slightly after 7AM. If they took away the solar-generated power fed into the grid by individual installations, the U becomes much deeper and PG&E projected that it will get deeper in the near future.

The HUGE problem this energy generation/consumption pattern creates is that the baseline generators must provide the bottom of the U and not a Joule more. Everything else, especially the evening spike, must come from coal and NG power plants. Since in time the ratio between the peak and the baseline increases, more dirty and greenhouse gas emitting power plants MUST BE BUILT. In fact, all these 3 to 5kW solar installations make the greenhouse gas situation worse if the excess energy is not stored, which is contrary the feel-good but incorrect assumption about how all these solar panels help save the planet.

Comment: the presentation is BS (Score 5, Interesting) 56

by serbanp (#49334013) Attached to: Stanford Breakthrough Could Make Better Chips Cheaper

The article follows the youtube presentation and the summary is, for once, accurate (i.e. does not introduce new errors).

The trouble is that the presentation is utter BS. The GaAs devices are NEVER made out of a solid GaAs wafer; the process starts with a plain silicon wafer, on which GaAs is grown epitaxially. The secret sauce is, and always has been, how to minimize the defect density at the Si/GaAs interface.

Such a wafer is more expensive than the plain Si one, but not 1000x more! Oh, and every purchaser would kill to get $5 8" wafers...

Since the Stanford guys are no dummies, I guess that the announcement was deliberately made to sound ridiculous. For what purpose? Time will tell.

+ - Apple Hiring Automotive Experts->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes: A report at the Financial Times (paywalled) says Apple is on an aggressive hiring push to pick up automotive experts. Recent rumors suggest Apple is putting together a transportation research lab, and nobody outside the company is quite sure why. It's obviously unlikely that they'd like to build a car themselves, but quite possible they see a big space for Apple technology within motor vehicles, much as Google seems to. They already have CarPlay, and it will doubtless grow, but we still don't have anything approaching a dominant platform for car software. Whatever they're working on, it looks like the competition for more robust computer technology in cars is heating up.
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+ - David Carr dies after moderating event with Edward Snowden & Glenn Greenwald->

Submitted by McGruber
McGruber writes: David Carr, the New York Times media columnist who overcame numerous battles with addiction to become one of the nation’s most recognizable and respected journalists, died on Thursday after collapsing in the newsroom, the New York Times announced on Thursday evening. He was 58.

On Thursday evening, Carr moderated "Citizenfour — New York Times Talk at The New School" [] a panel conversation that included Edward Snowden, filmmaker Laura Poitras and Glenn Greenwald to discuss last year’s National Security Agency surveillance revelations. Afterward, he collapsed at his office around 9 p.m., NY Times spokesman Eileen Murphy said.

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