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Comment There's an issue here we're overlooking. (Score 1) 539

Yes, I too laughed at this guy's comments. He's a self serving ass hole and sounds like he's uses the same script writer as Donald Trump.

Let's look at this AdBlocker phenomenon, which is obviously having major effects on that industry if the big guys in it are screaming like pigs in an abattoir.

I've written a couple of Apps one of which is free to download but with IAP to unlock the juicy bits.
It's suffered from 1 star reviews telling me how much I suck not making it 100%, a few demanding I make it Ad funded instead.
Why write Apps at all when you can't make a living out of it?
So I just released an update with interstitial full screen ads to see if it generates better income and prevents user frustration.

If the money isn't coming in 2 things happen. 1) find revenue elsewhere OR 2) Pull the content
If AdBlock+ is working that well it could cause long term damage to the quality and quantity of the content you are consuming.
How often do we see here on /. a "pay wall" moan about an article?

AdBlock+ doesn't prevent Ads inside Apps?
So you may end up seeing content moving to Apps as a ring fence to force you to see their ads and give up your analytics.

I've personally not installed any ad blocking on my phone, tablet or computers as I don't find Ads a problem.
Sympathy for the Devil? Perhaps. Someone has to pay. I'm just saying it could be worse.

Comment Back doors to themselves (Score 1) 184

Taking into context a certain presidential candidate's use of private email server to do government work which will not be an exceptional case but a common past and future problem for national security does the government want a back door to itself?
Since the root problem here is human individuals, bad guys, good guys, public, etc how to you prevent your own gun being turned on you.
I suspect that's part of the issue from Rogers stand point.

Of course he may not have got the memo about "2+2=5" and the other one reminding him that "The heresy of heresies is common sense"
He could just be looking for a good Retirement Package in time for the Ski season.

Comment Bring back (East-Euro) Communism (Score 3, Interesting) 251

I miss the cold war.
Back in the good old days the "free west", would tout it's political and social freedom as why it was on the side of humanity.
Something for the oppressed behind the iron curtain to dream of attaining and seeing their over lords for the tyrants they were.
Then down came the Berlin Wall.
Today you'd think the history books on the communist era in east Europe were the manuals/manifestos for state control in the West.
The only thing our governments needs to be better than today is IS.

Comment Re:Payment blocking, network unblockable (Score 1) 106

May I add that I'm also curious as to why the BBC hasn't made the iPlayer service restricted to British TV licence holders.
It can't be to stop viewing outside of the UK, if you are on business/vacation you should still be entitled to watch what you've paid for.
It's technically simple to do, much easier than IP address blocking.
So it leaves me thinking it's intentional by both the BBC and NetFlix.

Comment Payment blocking, network unblockable (Score 1) 106

I seem to remember a slew of "entrepreneurs" from the UK being extradited to the US for running online gambling and accepting customers from the US where gambling was illegal.
The case against them was that they colluded with banks to accept non-UK credit card payments, specifically US cards.
So the excuse of not knowing the customers were gambling illegally was inadmissible.

Which leaves me wondering why all the talk of Netflix playing the pointless game of IP address whack-a-mole.
Card billing address should suffice.

If Netflix starts accepting bitcoin....

Comment Re:Derpal (Score 1) 55

Just before Xmas we had the Joomla patch every version from 1->3 to fix the user agent string attack vulnerability.
Every Joomla sight I know of cough up it's configuration.php contents causing en-masse password changing.

All CMS are insecure, it's just knowing where the undiscovered holes are.

Comment Leave your balls alone. (Score 4, Interesting) 287

I had 2 kids with my ex wife who then nagged me into getting a vasectomy.
It's very easy, easier than going to the dentist for a filling in fact.

However I then started getting pain in my nuts.
You see they tie off your vas and the sperm has no where to go - think of the car chase scene in the Blue's Brothers with all the cop cars piling up on top of each other. That's your epididymis swelling up with all the sperm piling up.
This German inventor's idea doesn't solve this problem however it does allow you to switch back on if you do get congestive epididymitis.

After I split with her I had it reversed.
2 hours on the table and a couple of big black grape fruits the next morning.
3 months for the bruising to fade.
I timed it to be when I was writing my thesis for my masters. Plenty of quiet, sitting down working time.

I've now got 5 kids and no.6 due in March. Pisses my ex off no end.
I still, occasionally, get congestive epididymitis.

Interesting fact. Vasectomy is illegal in France. Smart country.
The only positive was it raised my Testosterone level to somewhere near where it was when I was 16.
Going back to University for a year, single, sterile and horny as a teenager made for a very memorable time in my life. ;)

As a war veteran of vasectomy my advice is this.
Leave your nuts alone to do what they are supposed to do!

Comment Saudi's long term strategy (Score 1) 496

I'm very sceptical of any "2 minutes of hate" campaign against diesel. Especially when there's a price war on oil to kill off competition by Saudi.
Fuel prices at the pump are at their lowest since 2009 just now.
Diesel was a dirty fuel, which has had it's act cleaned up. The AdBlue cats have done a lot to help that.
As I see it this is a long game plan by OPEC's leader(s) to kill off competition and then raise prices while at the same time using politicians and media to go after petrol's more economical rival diesel.

If you want to talk dirty and pollution I think now is the time to scrap all fuel burning vehicles and go electric.
Picking on just one isn't the solution.

Comment Re:Rule 34 Will be Invoked for VR (Score 1) 106

Media technology has seen quick adoption due to making porn accessible.
Look at the Betamax -v- VHS war which Sony lost due to their prudish stance towards porn.
Arguably the uptake of home internet may well have been driven by porn too.

Prediction. circa~2036.
She: Are you wearing vr-contacts?
You: Eh... Yeah... I forgot to take them out before we got into bed.

A whole new meaning to the term "beer goggles". ;)

Comment Elephant in the room (Score 3, Insightful) 344

There's an elephant in this room and it's the oil and gas industry.
It's not so much that so many of us dream of a world where energy is free and limitless as a glass of cold water.
It's that most of us realise how much less horror would be in the world if there wasn't constant fighting over the limited fossil fuels that cold fusion would replace.
Scientific reputation and the laws of physics can go to hell if these are the things that are preventing us from living in a better, safer, cleaner world.
I'm willing to believe that it's all a hoax if it's 100% certain it is BS.
However, for the love of humanity, if there's even a shadow of a possibility that any of these experiments have shown something worth checking further then please can everyone shut up and stop shouting it down until we really are 100% certain it's snake oil.
Otherwise, it looks to many of us, like the elephant in the room is behind the angry mob goading them on to burn the heretics...

Comment Unregulated Profession (Score 4, Interesting) 171

Yesterday there was a post titled "The History of SQL Injection, the Hack That Will Never Go Away ".
Someone raised a good point that the problem was more economics than technology.
Employers, with no clue about technology, "employing monkeys and paying them peanuts" to produce something that looks visually ok but hacked into existance underneath.

We, programers, work in an unregulated profession which keeps it dynamic, fast paced and forever evolving.
Regulation = stagnation
So, yes, there's a lot of crap code out there and it won't go away - live with it.

Without Stackoverflow years of man hours would be wasted struggling to figure out some problem that has already been solved by someone else.
Wasn't that the idea behind the free software movement, not having to re-invent the wheel each time?
What about re-debugging, re-attaching, the wheel each time?

If the strength of our profession is in the fluidity, speed of adaptation and evolution then something like Stackoverflow is essential.
If you really need the accreditation of a regulated profession then ask an interviewee for their Stackoverflow account to see what questions they've ask and answered.

Stackoverflow is the best thing that's happened to our profession that I can remember in my 25 years as a programer.

Comment They won't see the next thing coming. (Score 3, Interesting) 204

This war on encryption and personal privacy can't be won by the ordinary man against governments.
It's inevitable. They will get their way.
I take personal comfort in seeing a repeating cycle in history where they can only legislate once the genie is out of the bottle, and they are slow to react.
A basic lack of understanding of technology, by those in power, and technology's ability to evolve outside of their constraints means that they are really just sowing the seeds for the next big thing after the internet - it's replacement.
Peer to peer communications, not network based would be my guess.
How? I dunno, but when forced into a corner we always find a way out.

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