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Comment Regulation looms (Score 1) 440

You only have to look at the affiliate marketing commission being offered by these casual dating sites to see it's "men only"
I had a look at this a few years ago but, as my website is 95% female audience, it made no sense to try it.
So if they have no interest in paying for referrals of women where do the women come from?
Digging deeper you'll find that most of the affiliate partners are the porn websites.
The conclusion I came to was that the entire "casual dating" industry was just the monetisation of the online porn industry.
The BBC did an expose on it a few years back.

I've wondered how long it'll be before this gets political and regulated.

Comment Re:Where have all the Slashdotters gone? (Score 1) 61

Go outside and get some sunshine and fresh air. Sounds like you really need it...

No, that's not the reason. The GP explained away that bullshit excuse of yours. Go read the motherfucking comment and look at what it linked to. Here's the relevant part for you:

To really see what I'm talking about, look at Slashdot as it appeared a decade ago on July 25, 2005. Or compare it to the nearest Saturday to then, July 23, 2005.

Almost all of those submissions had at least 100 comments. Many of them had far more. In fact, it was routine to see submissions with 400 or even 500 comments. So clearly something is extremely wrong today, when 100 comments is considered a lot.

The evidence shows very clearly that it was not quieter during the summer 10 years ago, even on a Saturday. As is so plainly obvious, there were many more comments then than there are now.

It's not about it being summer. It's not about it being Saturday. It's about stupid policies having ruined Slashdot!

Comment Pointless article (Score 1) 213

I think this thread misses the point of the iWatch. I think did too initially.

I write iOS Apps and I've had good success with them.
So on the announcement of iWatch I immediately thought about how to make use of the iWatch.
Jump on the bandwagon, why not?
But I can't really think of any good way that the watch augments my Apps.
I could extend the daily notification to the watch but really it's not a game changer for my apps.
I use them myself and love using them on iPhone and iPad, but on that tiny screen with what appears to be a fiddly UI? Nah...

I've not bought an iWatch yet, I've thought long and hard about it but I think I've arrived at the conclusion it's worth trying the cheap end version.
I see two things the iWatch has that I think I'd like to have.
1) Apple Pay without having to pull out your phone.
2) A discreet and personal notification system using a haptic feedback interface.

I like the idea of not missing phone calls, being able to get notifications of important emails, txts etc from a gentle tap on my wrist.
I don't like being attached to my phone, I prefer to leave it on my desk or in my brief case when I'm out meeting clients.
In doing this I miss calls and messages that are important.

The iWatch, as I see it, is just a hardware extension of the iOS eco-system.
It's not a separate entity in it's own right as the iPad is separate from iPhone.

So as an app eco-system it doesn't make any sense and neither does this article.

Time wasting social media (FB, Snapchat et al) are piss poor examples too.
Facebook's got an issue with Apple right now (see Samsung patent case announcement today with FB siding against Apple).
So any comments coming out of FB towards Apple right now can be taken with large amounts of scepticism.

iWatch Killer App? I'd say it's already there in "Apple Pay".

Comment Nolan, Nolan who the f... is Nolan! :) (Score 0) 311

Step aside Alice, tonight it's Nolan.
Nolan Lawson sounds like a Fandroid with an axe to grind and some fruit to chop.

I'm sure Google's fans still love to believe in the "don't be evil" slogan that Google once claimed to be their mantra.
The evil being Microsoft and everything they did to get rich.
Yes, they were evil, they didn't play ball in any industry attempt at standardisation.
They made sure that only Microsoft worked with Microsoft to close off all competition.
I ran up against them trying to get Cisco's PPP stack working with theirs when I worked on IOS (not iOS) back in the 90's.

This blog article is an utterly pathetic attempt to try and make Apple out to be the new Microsoft of the 21st century.
Not a chance. Not ever.
Why today? A lot happening with Apple's Music & iOS today. Someone upset by the attention they are getting once again?
So out roll the Apple bashing articles.

Evil is pretending to be your friend by giving you "free stuff" and then quietly selling off your private data to the highest bidder.
I prefer being a customer to being the product.
So if you want to drawn parallels then I'd say that Google has replaced the monster it set out to slay.

"He who fights with monsters should be careful lest he thereby become a monster. And if thou gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee."
- Nietzsche

I use 2 browsers on a daily basis.
1. Firefox for development work (because firebug is the best IMHO)
2. Safari because I like to keep work & play separate. My bookmarks in sync across my devices and I do like/use Apple's "handoff".
Having both browsers also means that on the rare occasion I find a website with a compatibility problem I just switch to the other one.

Comment Orwellian parallel (Score 1) 286

This disturbs me as it reminds me of Orwell's 1984.
The video screening of people being bombed, or shot, and the audience laughing.
That's the reaction they want, they want us to laugh at them killing other humans.
Don't, it's nothing to laugh at. You're only dehumanising yourself.

Comment Too much of any good thing... (Score 4, Insightful) 692

Too much of any good thing soon stops being a good thing.

I really enjoyed the fantasy novels of Anne Rice (e.g. "Interview with the Vampire") as she explored the topic of immortality in her characters to a philosophical degree. Vampires going out of their minds with the "burden" of immortality and looking for a way to die.

I believe what makes life special and precious is that it's finite.
You don't know how much you have in the bank and the happiest people you'll encounter are those who savour every moment they have like it was their last.
Turn that on it's head and life becomes valueless if you following my reasoning.

Comment Mobile (Score 1) 218

I recently started putting together a web app for someone and I wanted it to design it primarily for mobile.
Looking at google analytics of several web sites I see the majority of web traffic is mobile.
So if JQuery is bloat, unnecessary, outdated and "features are present in [modern] browsers" what should I be using instead of:
This seems like the perfect solution to me?

Comment Re:They should go (Score 2, Informative) 198

Utter nonsense. I drive a French car which is a 2Litre diesel and it's cleaner than either its 1.6 or 2Litre petrol engined models.


Comment Re:NameCheap (Score 4, Interesting) 295

From the forum poster: "The NameCheap terms and conditions state they will pass the domain on to a third party at their discretion from 12 days prior to expiry."

12 days prior, doesn't sound like any of the registrars I've used.
Sure go ahead and use NameCheap but read their T&C's very carefully first.

Email notifications aren't reliable, I keep a reminder alert in my calendar for my domain renewals.
Having said that I get bombarded by renewal reminders from freeparking, networksolutions and godaddy when I have a domain a few months from expiry.
You know, the "renew now and save 10% off" types?

Glad this wasn't one of my domains that got the chop 12 days prior to expiry and then held to ransom to get it back...

The only difference between a car salesman and a computer salesman is that the car salesman knows he's lying.