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+ - Wireless Charging at Starbucks

Submitted by sentiblue
sentiblue writes: Hey Slashdotters.... So I've seen the wireless charging stations being deployed at quite many Starbucks locations and I see that the device is a little adpater that plugs into the charging port of the phone and then that adapter has to be placed on top of a designated circle on the table to get charged.

I don't understand the incentive of doing this, let alone the cost to develop it! The term wireless is supposed to give you a reasonable range of operation that allows you to move your device.

So if you use a cable to charge a phone, you can actually place the phone anywhere in the radius of the cable length. With this wireless charging option, you actually have to place the phone right on top of the circle... allowing you device to only spin around that exact spot. If you move the device any more than that, it will not charge.

What's the point? I don't get it!

Comment: Need the product names (Score 1) 412

by sentiblue (#48982959) Attached to: Major Retailers Accused of Selling Fraudulent Herbal Supplements
So it's great that the retail companies are taking these things off their shelves. It's even better that companies like WMT reach out to their vendors to clear things up. Thanks!... to the FDA and to the retailers.

But wouldn't it be very very very useful if the FDA lists the names of those offending products? Cuz there are a lot of innocent consumers who have already brought the products... they need to know these product names so that they can get rid of them.

Comment: LOL (Score 1) 307

by sentiblue (#48886971) Attached to: Blackberry CEO: Net Neutrality Means Mandating Cross-Platform Apps
Chen is out of his mind... the iMessage example was pretty much mandating his competitor help him succeed....

On the other hand.... making an app available on which platform is entirely a developer's choice... If he makes a game for iPhone and not for BlackBerry... what are you gonna do to him? Sue?

Comment: Re:And this is good why? (Score 1) 150

by sentiblue (#48812803) Attached to: Wireless Keylogger Masquerades as USB Phone Charger
Disagreed.... Every keylogger is built with some sort of "stealing" intention in mind.... I dont for a second believe that things like this are made to encourage better security.

If this dude is lucky enough... he can actually steal usernames/passwords and URLs and lots of other things... but then again at public places to steal like airports and hotels... people don't normally use MS wireless keyboards... they simply use tablets/laptops... that's why I used the term "lucky".

Comment: I think it still works (Score 1) 720

by sentiblue (#48549201) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Can a Felon Work In IT?
Throughout my career... I have been at two jobs where background investigation was not done....

I'm not saying you should give up... but while pursuing a job in this field... you should also consider other alternatives.... They may be far as good as IT... but better than nothing.

Given not a few but several incidents... it's on you and not anybody else's fault... Cleaning yourself up is good.... good for you and for everybody else... I applaud that and wish you much luck!

Comment: I wish they succeed too!!! (Score 1) 90

by sentiblue (#48468745) Attached to: WaveNET – the Floating, Flexible Wave Energy Generator
Agree with you both about two things

1. Powerful wave movements can rip equipments apart
2. Salt water is such a damaging factor to the equipments

So my thought is that not only a power farm is located in a mild whether area... but also weather forecast data should be used to relocate the farm over an enormous area of ocean surface to avoid damage to equipment... and yet that area is still inside the national territory waters of any particular country... Otherwise they'd have to find a way to protect their investments in international waters.

To get over the damaging nature of salt water... I guess the main materials used to create the farm arms have to be plastic-like... Any metal is such a suicidal design.... particularly iron.

Comment: I'm glad I don't work at Sony (Score 1) 155

by sentiblue (#48460203) Attached to: Sony Pictures Computer Sytems Shut Down After Ransomware Hack
Couple years ago I interviewed at SOE (Sony Online Entertainment) in San Diego... I chose not to work for them simply because they were being hammered by Anonymous about the fact that Sony was taking legal actions against a 17 year old for jailbreaking their PS....

Now this... Boy I'm glad I'm not a Sony employee... looks like they've been making lots of enemies with the general public and now it's the time that everything pays back... I want them to be able to recover and keep offering employment ... but at the same time, I want them to stop being such mean and hateful to people who are able to crack the PS devices... or whatever other devices they make... Jailbreaking is legal remember?

Comment: I'm not doing that anymore (Score 1) 405

by sentiblue (#48380163) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How To Unblock Email From My Comcast-Hosted Server?
In 2000 I used to do what you're doing... I ran a static IP block on my home ADSL line which was only under 1Mbps. Ever since Google Apps, I switched and have been happy since.

I imagine working with the listed providers is almost zero results because you wouldn't know where to begin and even if you got to speak to their right person, it would still change nothing.

If the blocks occur all at the same time, I do agree that your IP was obtained from the same source... if you can find that source... you can reason with them... working with the big corps won't be a good idea.

Comment: I share the same thoughts (Score 1) 170

by sentiblue (#48214643) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Smarter Disk Space Monitoring In the Age of Cheap Storage?
Not only monitoring system should look at historical growth versus estimated time left to full, it should also keep track of storage addition, so that I can smartly tell us 3, 2, 1 months ahead, each with one email... and then it should also keep track of sudden increase and send an emergency alert if for example the past 7 days have climbed more than a whole month before... stuffs like that.

All existing monitoring tools these days are not setup that way and I wish folks get more creative and dilligent with their works.

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