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Comment Missing something (Score 1) 73

A different aspect of security has been overlooked. Encrypted files are secured but they cannot be used without being decrypted. Once decrypted, they are no longer protected, at least for the duration of usage until they get encrypted again.

Whereas, on disk level encryption, even if a file (encrypted by software) gets decrypted, it's still inhering another encryption level at disk as a whole.

Comment Re:Googl translate is wrong (Score 1) 163

How did you arrive at your statement?

The law states that phrase specifically "without permissions of the owner".

Both of your examples: the phone and the computer belong to you... you own it, you are the owner... How in the world would you break any laws if you droped the phone or wipe windows/install Linux?

Comment Wrong information (Score 1) 140

They are NOT building new islands... Rather they are building military infrastructures on existing islands that are center of ownership disputes.

If you read asian news... You'd see that China singly declares ownership of lots of islands in this ocean region... single handedly announced 30 days of no-fishing for all countries around the area... which caused lots of people to starve because they don't have the ability to stand up against Chinese Navy.

They have now deployed military presence and airports all over the ocean region... US is challenging their airspace ownership by moving both Navy and AirForce patrol into the region. They repeatedly got asked by the Chinese to leave as it was their airspace, but US replied simply "This is international airspace".

I'd like to see the Chinese having a ball big enough to open fire first....

Comment Is it OSX? (Score 1) 158

If your PC was a Mac... you can easily do this... Buy an AppleTV ($69). Hook both to the same wifi network. From your Mac, you can stream the screen content (or iTunes explicitly for better quality) directly to the AppleTV which has HDMI connection to the TV. Now to make things even better... use ipod/ipad/iphone to install an app called rowmote (there are other apps)... which allows you to remotely control your Mac from far away as long as it's connected to the same wifi network. The only thing is... in order to see the screen downstairs to use the remote control... you'd have to manually begin the video stream from Mac to AppleTV... from then you can remote control

Comment Logical explaination!!! (Score 1) 461

So I'm very very curious to know how an unoccupied car "appears suspicious" to the cops... and based on this they had the rights to break into it and blow up stuffs inside...

Not only that, the guy that owned the car was arrested even though they were not able to prove that they guy drove the car there. Couldn't he have arrived at the mall with someone and that someone drove?

But wait!!!! They didn't have the probable cause to begin with... WTF?

Comment Too many VMs (Score 1) 384

Uhhh.... what you suggest is probably not a benefit overall...

Running a few VMs on a laptop is already a resource constrains... even if you run a minimal setup of XP, you'll still have a horrible time trying to power on 8 VMs.

I have done this on a MacMini before as I tried to simulate a network for a program I wrote, and I literally had to return the MacMini for a swap with iMac having top configurations.... Still had a horrible time with 12 nodes

Regardless how powerful your laptop is, I dont think it can do 16VMs at a time.

Comment Sounds like Hongkong action movies.... (Score 1) 65

I come from a country where small thugs run business in a jurisdicitonal area....

In which area, the hoodlum gets to collect cash from small businesses in exchange for protection... but in fact they dont really provide any protection, that's just the cost for being able to run a business. Whoever refuses to pay, their business gets smashed/burnt...

This company we're reading about is exactly that and I hold the US government agencies responsible to make very very very sure that their entire group of decision makers go to jail... and compensate every penny of damage that has been done to LabMD.

Also, I expect government agencies to protect businesses... not destroying them. I can understand that the FTC was mis-led by the company and in turn destroyed LabMD... I want to know what they will do for LabMD, or the people that used to own it.

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