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Comment Re:Still got mine. (Score 1) 220

I've still got the 20-scale plastic Pickett Microline 140 I I bought back in '68. Didn't get a calculator until my senior year in high school (a Texas Instruments SR-10). I picked up an interesting-looking Chinese slide rule from the government-run department store in Xian in 1991. It's got some unusual trig scales and a nice, hard baby blue plastic case.

Comment Re:Common sense = none (Score 1) 283

Its not computers, magnet schools, charter schools, teacher pay, higher taxes or any of those even when statistics sometimes hint at showing otherwise. The commonality is involved parents who help their kids when struggle, demand they toe the line when they get hardheaded, and have expectations for success

My inclination is to agree, but I'd really like to see some data to support this claim

Comment Re:It's those damned midwest liberals (Score 1) 155

101F in Austin today? It's only 81F. You must mean Austin, TX, rather than Austin, MN (home of the Spam that apparently passes for food around here).

I'm not afraid of -20F; if I were, I wouldn't be living here. The one good thing about -20F is that you can dress for it; there's only so much clothing you can shed to deal with 101F.

Comment No need to share - we already knew (Score 1) 430

I worked for a university that paid its lecturers based on years with the university and level of terminal degree (a PhD was worth $50/course than a master's degree; no extra $ for multiple degrees at any level). Everyone knew (or could have easily determined) what I earned and vice-versa. It didn't quell grumbling in the ranks, but I don't think anyone was upset by that aspect of our situation.

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