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Comment Bottom line (Score 1) 79

The wider the deployment, the harder you have to think about all the cases, all the chances for exploits, and how to recover when it happens. The alternative is going to be government regulation like certain industries already have. The cost of getting things right will pale in comparison to complying with strict regulation from a government agency.

Comment M&M Fun Packs (Score 1, Insightful) 90

This was for a college course, but should work for middle school students too. I distributed fun packs of M&Ms to my students and had them count the number of each color and the total number of pieces in each pack. Nice illustration of mean, median, and mode, and a good lead-in to a discussion of variation.

Comment Re:Still got mine. (Score 1) 220

I've still got the 20-scale plastic Pickett Microline 140 I I bought back in '68. Didn't get a calculator until my senior year in high school (a Texas Instruments SR-10). I picked up an interesting-looking Chinese slide rule from the government-run department store in Xian in 1991. It's got some unusual trig scales and a nice, hard baby blue plastic case.

Comment Re:Common sense = none (Score 1) 283

Its not computers, magnet schools, charter schools, teacher pay, higher taxes or any of those even when statistics sometimes hint at showing otherwise. The commonality is involved parents who help their kids when struggle, demand they toe the line when they get hardheaded, and have expectations for success

My inclination is to agree, but I'd really like to see some data to support this claim

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