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Comment No need to share - we already knew (Score 1) 429 429

I worked for a university that paid its lecturers based on years with the university and level of terminal degree (a PhD was worth $50/course than a master's degree; no extra $ for multiple degrees at any level). Everyone knew (or could have easily determined) what I earned and vice-versa. It didn't quell grumbling in the ranks, but I don't think anyone was upset by that aspect of our situation.

Comment Re:Stone Tablet (Score 2) 446 446

Wind and water will erode it, but that shouldn't be a problem in your living room. In the event of a fire, differential thermal expansion of individual mineral grains may cause the granite to crack - hopefully into large chuncks that can easily be restored to their original configuration without the loss of any bits. One also has to hope that any fire will not be hot enough to cause the chemical breakdown of any micas or amphiboles present in your granite. I would have recommended a more homogeneous and more chemically inert rock such as quartzite, but that would have been significantly more difficult to carve.

Comment Re:unreal (Score 4, Funny) 291 291

I found out during high school that I couldn't do Calculus while stoned; it was something I had to work around back then. Eight hours of sleep would clear it right out... Not so much a problem anymore; and I still do Calculus daily. :)

Well, if you'd lay off the cannabis, maybe you'd finally pass calculus :)

Comment Re:I used to want something kind of like this (Score 2) 101 101

Basically, a minimal PC that you would plug into all the I/O hardware, so that you could bring it anywhere, plug it into someone else's hardware, always have all your files and programs there.

This is what I want in my phone (in addition, or course, to the phone actually working as a phone)

Comment Re:If this were ten years ago, I would have (Score 2) 268 268

Personally, as someone who doesn't have the latest and greatest in terms of CPU horsepower in my desktop PC, I like the idea of a lightweight desktop, and my current favorite in this regard is LXDE. I'm hopeful regarding LXQt but I'm not holding my breath. My ideal DE would use the same toolkit as the graphical apps I use (file manager, web browser, IM client, terminal, text editor, word processor, spreadsheet, graphical ftp client, image editor, image viewer, package manager, pdf viewer, media player, CD/DVD burner), but not bring in a whole lot of extra crap I don't want. Mixing Gtk2 and Gtk3 apps is as bad as mixing Gtk and Qt as far as I'm concerned.

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