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Comment Re: chalk? (Score 1) 387

I was also a teacher and we had smartboards. Unless yours were different, ours ran off a projector, so it was very awkward to use without blocking the light. I don't think any of the teachers actually used them. I still found it easier to use either a pen-enabled laptop, or use white-on-black slides and project them on a traditional whiteboard.

In any case, it was still more of a presentation/instructional tool. In business I just use slides for presentations, the whiteboards are for brainstorming or impromptu discussions. By the time I'd be finished dicking around with setting up an electronic whiteboard, I'd have forgotten what I wanted to write down.

Comment chalk? (Score 3, Informative) 387

Well, not technically, but I'm a software developer and I use a whiteboard almost every day. I suppose the real problem is that when I want a digital artifact, I use my non-Microsoft phone to take a picture of it. Maybe all they need to do is develop a set of markers whose ink is only visible to their own cameras.

Comment Re: Why do companies keep thinking people *want* (Score 1) 125

BTW, Samsung's Galaxy Note 4 already does this, sort of, with the pen. It can detect hover and has a button that is basically a secondary click. The problem of course is that it's only on one phone and no apps outside of a few Samsung apps make use of it.

Comment Re: Why do companies keep thinking people *want* t (Score 1) 125

For a long time, you couldn't right click on a desktop Mac either. Maybe the hover thing can be resolved with technology someday - it doesn't seem unthinkable to discover a technique to tell where a finger is in front of the display but not touching it. Unfortunately it would probably only be available on one brand of phone because patents. I'd say that mobile devices already need it - there are a lot of icons on my phone where I have no idea what they mean.

Comment Re: Why do companies keep thinking people *want* t (Score 1) 125

I'd think something like a combination of IntelliJ's presentation/powersave modes. Turn both of those on and you pretty much have a "mobile interface". There have been plenty of times where I was working on some problem, and the solution comes to me when I'm far away from a computer. Just being able to view files and make quick edits would be enough.

Comment Re: Qt? (Score 2) 54

"Native look and feel" is pretty much a bullshit argument. If it were important, web applications would never have taken off. The important thing is that a UI is attractive and functional, not that it looks exactly like the UI in other applications. Even Microsoft and Apple products often don't have "native look and feel" because they're pushing some new thing like the Ribbon.

Comment Re: Same question as I had more than a decade ago (Score 1) 198

You can also write games as VBA macros in Excel, that doesn't make it a gaming platform. HTML and CSS are fundamentally document-oriented. Just because you can shoehorn applications into it doesn't mean it's not a huge pain compared to creating traditional desktop applications.

Comment Re: Why doesn't Moz acknowledge the market share i (Score 3, Interesting) 156

I wonder how much of that is just perception - I have found that when comparing the latest Chrome and Firefox that Firefox has better performance, at least in terms of CPU usage and memory consumption. I was surprised by this because I generally use it with Firebug which drastically impairs the performance, I just didn't realize how bad it was.

Comment Easy answer (Score 1) 279

Either you trust the person or you don't. If you do, tell them to use the last two weeks to resolve any unfinished business and make sure the people left behind have the appropriate information to take over. The person doing the work that needs to be transferred know better than anyone what needs to be done. If you don't trust them, just have security escort them out immediately.

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