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Comment: Re:Communications Strategy? (Score 0) 655 655

The west, and the USA in particular, got to where it is today by listening to it's experts and leaving the loonies on the fringe where they belong.


The west, and the USA in particular, got to where it is today by listening to it's loonies and leaving the experts on the fringe.

Comment: Re:Attention whore talks economies of scale 101! (Score 0) 325 325

The best response that I've heard to people saying that they have nothing to hide: Just tell them to give you all their passwords, to their Mail Account, Facebook, Dropbox, etc. If they argue that they do not trust YOU, tell them to send it in an envelope to the FBI, NSA, etc.

Why should I send it to FBI, NSA etc, from what you say they already have it!

Comment: Re:Something I Don't Know (Score 0) 259 259

As a physicist, I would like to read a book on why people outside the field consistently refer to large things as quantum. It means 'the smallest discrete amount possible,' not large, composite chunks.

It's because other fields outside physics had use of the word previously. In financial circles it was used in place of the word " amount", see the Oxford dictionary. Also in Latin means "how much", but doesn't specify. Eventually became accepted as "A measurable amount" with no limit as to amount, or reference to how long or far the leap in a quantum leap.

After an instrument has been assembled, extra components will be found on the bench.