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Journal: Finally set up a blog

Journal by sempf

I finally set up some blog software and started a blog, including previous ramblings from blogs long past. The url is:

So people can go there to see what I am up to.


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Journal: Lisp in .NET and Grokker

Journal by sempf

I discovered today that there is a complete Common Lisp compiler in the .NET samples included with Visual Studio .NET 2003. The source files are at C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003\SDK\v1.1\Tool Developers Guide\Samples\clisp, and have a makefile in the directory - the sources are provided.

Also - in the relm of discovery - I think I have discovered the ultimate search software. Grokker is a multi-source search tool that is hard to describe. It uses a sophisticated ontological structuring algorithm to produce a visual Ven style diagram caregoring results from network drives, the Web, or Amazon. Additionally, there will be a SDK available for later development of new plugins.

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Journal: New PC

Journal by sempf

Fred began building my new development workstation today. I'm hoping it will being a new level of geekdom to my frail existance. It is a P4 2.8 with hyperthreading, 1 gig of ram and an 80 gig mirrored drive. The Asus P4P800 motherboard supports RAID 0 and 1 natively, along with IEEE1394 and 8 usb ports.

This isn't the exciting part though - this is first machine I will be building from scratch with an MSDN subscription, so I'll have exactly what I want on it - everything and nothing more. Also, there are three exciting specific features, including a Matrox P650 video card with two NEC 17" LCD monitors. That will be neat. Also, it is in a Antec Life Style case that is piano black - glossy like a piano. Way sexy. Finally, I am getting a TouchStream LP Keyboard. This keyboard seems like it will give a cleaner interface to the machine than the normal keyboard/mouse setup.

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