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Comment Re:Don't take electronics, maybe? (Score 1) 139 139

You need to adjust your tin foil hat. I took my droid, my tablet, and my laptop, and there really isn't that much to worry about if you follow basic security practices, like not sending any plaintext passwords, closing any ports or services you don't need, and not doing financial transactions or other very confidential things there. And I'm sure the assorted 3-letter agencies already know all about anyone they are interested in.

Comment Re:Cue increase in accidents (Score 1) 825 825

Can I buy a pass to temporarily raise the legal blood alcohol limit? Can I buy a pass that changes the definition of premeditative homicide? Or oooh, what about genocide? ...

They just don't advertise those passes...and you have to be a major corporation or senator to get them.

Comment Re:Probably the right design choice (Score 1) 260 260

The common adage of a chain being only as strong as the weakest link is very true in security. It may seem like the potential for misuse is minimal, but security-/hacker-minded individuals work mostly by finding ways that seemingly unimportant problems affect other things they are connected to. Some of the other comments talk about a DoS-type of attack that can be performed by flooding this vulnerable communication channel; what if it is discovered that this type of DoS attack could, for example, specifically target the braking system?

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