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Comment Actually, CGI doesn't really matter. (Score 1) 232

What matters are story and character.

The story must be engaging and the audience must empathize with the characters, or even "100% realistic" CGI is a dead waste of time and money. There are dozens of classic science-fiction movies all the way back to the 1930s whose special effects are, by today's standards, primitive, but the stories still grip the mind and heart.

In fact, one of my personal all-time favorites had NO special effects, unless you count makeup. But the story and characters within "Creation of the Humanoids" will be with me to the end of my life. Now THAT is entertainment.

IMO, Hollywood needs to spend more money on writers and less on CGI.

Comment Re:Remember (Score 2) 117

Customers, no. They're innocent victims.

Stockholders, however, are like the owner of a vicious dog who refuses
to take responsibility for the dog's behavior.

The current approach of "Well, I talked to the dog and I think he understands and I've paid the fine.
Besides, the toddler was trespassing." just doesn't cut it.

Comment Re:Only a minority? (Score 1) 113

And yet with the proper processing, either drum can be turned into clean, safe drinking water.

It occurs to me that a somewhat different analogy is in order.

You have ten bottles of wine from a foreign country standing in front of you. You have absolute knowledge from an informant that your enemies have put undetectable poison in two of those bottles, and they've even told you which two have the poison. They have not provided any information about the other eight bottles. Remember, the poison is undetectable.

So here's the big question: Do you drink from ANY of the other eight bottles?

The analogy with security products provided by US companies should be obvious.

Comment Efficiency depends on what you're effishing for. (Score 1) 338

My wife's theater group has a closet/shed just outside the house they use for their activities. In order to keep it reasonably warm and hence reasonably mildew-free, she collected a huge bunch of 100-watt incandescents and keeps one of them on 24/7 (which also increases bulb life because the bulb temperature stays pretty constant.) The electricity costs a bit, but having to replace mildewed period costumes would cost hella lot more.

Comment New Science == More Questions (Score 1) 172

What characteristics in a molecular system are required for it to be capable of reproduction?

What characteristics does this system have in common with DNA/RNA/Proteins(DRP)?

What's different from DRP?

Is there any possibility of a general theory which would allow prediction of possible alternate molecular systems capable of reproduction?

That ought to keep the lab busy for a while. :)

"A man can run out of breath before he runs out of questions." -- Lois McMaster Bujold

Comment Re:Only a minority? (Score 1) 113

"Trust but verify." The ability to verify, usually referred to as transparency, is necessary for the establishment of trust. Anything you cannot understand or verify is not trustworthy. You may be forced by circumstances to "trust" it, but if it says "no user serviceable parts inside," the trust is hollow

Comment Only a minority? (Score 3, Interesting) 113

That's too bad, because I suspect only a minority of products have been compromised this way.

When you have a 55-gallon drum of sewage with a teaspoon of pure water in it, you have a 55-gallon drum of sewage.
When you have a 55-gallon drum of pure water with a teaspoon of sewage in it, you have a 55-gallon drum of sewage.

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