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Comment: Re:Of course not. (Score 1) 307 307

I hope you have costings for that.

Besides... the site has been photographed from orbit repeatedly since.

Nope, they haven't been photographed at all any detail at all. You would think NASA and people would be interested in having a look at how all the equipment on the moon is faring, and even find out where the actual coordinates of the damn things are, as opposed to looking at indistinct dots. But there you go. Maybe they just aren't bothered.

Comment: Re:Of course not. (Score 1) 307 307

Well, if you understand the physics of the Lunar Laser Ranging stuff, then it is pretty much irrefutable humans were on the moon.

If you actually know how they work then it isn't. Several attempts are sometimes required to actually find the damn things in the first place and it can even be the surface of the moon reflecting the light back. Heck, there is even a massive discrepancy on the agreed coordinates of the landers and sites themselves.

The trouble is people have got themselves into this mindset of there being 'irrefutable proof', but when you look at it and how it actually works it is anything but.

Comment: You See Mr Bond...... (Score 1) 96 96

.....I always though I liked animals. Then I found I liked killing people even more.

Great line, usually overshadowed by Goldfinger's "I expect you to die!" Then there was Scaramanga's answer to a boardroom resignation all delivered brilliantly by the man himself. I'm afraid they really don't make them like that any more, and that isn't a rose tinted view.

Comment: Re:KDBus - another systemd brick on the wall (Score 1) 232 232

Rather typical LKML discussion in my opinion, but blown out in all proportions by the systemd-haters because they wrongly think that Linus don't like systemd nor its programmers because of this.

No it wasn't. Linus made his views on when this stuff will get merged, if ever, abundantly clear. It's not blown out of all proportion. That's what was written.

Comment: Re:KDBus - another systemd brick on the wall (Score 2) 232 232

What he and Linus disagreed upon was whether you should fix broken kernel features or not. Kay thought you should, Linus disagreed.

I don't know whether you're being this fucking stupid on purpose, but this shit needs shooting down and it currently is on the Linux kernel developer's mailing list. Existing and expected behaviour from the kernel does not get altered. EVER. Userspace does not get something different. That was made abundantly clear.

Who the fuck are you or Kay Sievers to tell kernel developers what flags they will now suddenly pass as debug that have been used forever? I'm afraid this attitude problem is going to get shot down in a very public way, as it is currently doing, by the kernel developers.

Comment: Re:KDBus - another systemd brick on the wall (Score 2, Informative) 232 232

Sure, many systemd-opponents harbour fantasies like that.

Many systemd proponents harbour fantasies of it being the one true way of doing......anything and want to wave away the problems.

This, by the way, is Linus's take on kdbus and why it won't be seen in the kernel for some time to come, if ever:

Greg - just for your information, I will *not* be merging any code from Kay into the kernel until this constant pattern is fixed.

This has been going on for *years*, and doesn't seem to be getting any better. This is relevant to you because I have seen you talk about the kdbus patches, and this is a heads-up that you need to keep them separate from other work. Let distributions merge it as they need to and maybe we can merge it once it has been proven to be stable by whatever distro that was willing to play games with the developers.

Regardless of any other bullshit and hearsay, that is the policy of the kernel. When he says 'Kay', read any systemd developer. Oh, and no, it's not a joke and no he doesn't write the e-mails on the kernel mailing list for the goodness of his health.

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