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Comment Re:Once is Happenstance (Score 2) 141

The Russians have invested heavily in electronic warfare and jamming systems, and they have said relatively little about them. I for one would be very uneasy as to how networked and full of electronics western military hardware is. Drones have already been GPS hijacked. Heck, western ships have ethernet LANs on them and Microsoft has been developing Windows for Submarines. Crazy.

Comment Re:the diesel car has always confounded me. (Score 2) 496

outside of a few concept sports cars, diesel isnt about speed but torque.

It's about low-end power, not torque.

Unfortunately, in the US the diesel engines that exist there are there out of necessity because no one could shove a gasoline engine in. The economics and consumption are just too obvious. Beyond that, very little investment, if any, has been made in diesel in the US. A European car diesel takes a surprisingly short amount of time to warm up. Certainly in the 90s, you only used a diesel car if you were on the road permanently as a rep or something. Lack of enthusiasm for diesel kind of makes sense because gasoline is still so cheap. However, if gasoline/petrol becomes uneconomical to produce as the price falls further, as strange as that might sound.....that might shake things up slightly.

Comment Bollocks (Score 2) 496

As usual, you have politicians and vested interests talking out of their arse and lurching from one crisis to another. The vast majority of pollution in any city is produced by a few hundred thousand large trucks, lorries, buses and vans which are usually given emissions exemptions. Good luck stopping them from running diesel. Banning diesel cars will do nothing for this (especially modern diesel cars which really are much more efficient even allowing for VW's stupidity) and might well make the situation worse. A lurch back to petrol/gasoline for Europe means producing more of a fuel that takes more energy to produce and transport as well as having to burn more of it by volume. Nobody seems to ask just how much in the way of emissions are produced on a journey outputting a certain amount of power.

We're likely to hear more anti-diesel rhetoric in the future. With the ever falling oil price and no floor to it in sight petrol/gasoline is simply going to be uneconomical to produce at some point. The only thing to do is to then try and ban the cheaper alternative through laws and regulations. There's a bit of distortion going on at the moment.

Comment Re:He's paying capital gains tax (Score 2) 240

If the does that it would be the LLC paying him and we would have to pay income taxes on it.

Oh dear. He through his LLC invests in companies who give him expenses and allow him the use of their 'facilities' amongst other dodges, so the whole operation effectively becomes one great big laundering operation. It's also a place to park his wealth for the future out of the gaze of scrutiny. This whole gift culture becomes self-supporting. This was set up by accountants.

This is not something like the Clinton Foundation which is setup as a slush fund for Bill Hillary and Chelsea.

I'm afraid you haven't the slightest idea and are just performing mental gymnastics here.

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