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Comment: Re:Why still DVDs? Really? (Score 1) 490

by segedunum (#46592307) Attached to: Are DVDs Inconvenient On Purpose?
Yep, that pretty much covers it for me. Another angle is I have more control with a physical disc. I've bought it, I'm not renting it, there is no monthly fee thereafter and it isn't suddenly going to disappear because someone didn't pay a licence fee or they've decided to alter their pricing.

When I get DVDs and Blurays via postal rental there's a wider range of titles and I can watch it as many times as I like. With streaming I always have in the back of my mind that retarded rules would be brought in if they thought they could get away with it where they would restrict the number of views. I'm also not reliant on a functioning internet connection and also on the required bandwidth I need which I don't want to rely on to be able to watch anything.

Comment: I Can Believe That (Score 1) 710

It wouldn't be the first company to have disappeared into its own fantasy world like that, especially one with ridiculous amounts of spare seed funding they don't actually need.

The hula hooping episode could have been dismissed as some high jinx but taken into account with everything else, no.

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by segedunum (#46352673) Attached to: The Rescue Plan That Could Have Saved Space Shuttle <em>Columbia</em>

They happily took the risk, with full knowledge.

If the expected combined loss after a rescue mission was greater than the expected loss without one, the right decision is to not stage a rescue. That's not a popular decision, obviously, so the correct decision was likely exactly what was done: don't look, because if you do see a problem you can't (or shouldn't) do anything about it anyway.

That is an extremely slippery slope that just ensures a guaranteed disaster, and I'm afraid making idiotic assumptions like this is how and why Richard Feynman showed up NASA's incompetence and stupidity.

In fact, I can't quite believe how moronic this post is.....

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