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Comment Re:It's a Criminal Organisation (Score 0) 109

You sound like a fucking idiot. There is no possible way you can grunt childishly at the math here and claim that Gates wouldn't have a _lot_ more money if he just invested his wealth instead of running this charity.

The last I looked sunshine Bill Gates became the richest man in the world again - by not doing anything and giving all his money away! Incredible.

You're pretty much a fucking stupid pig, and your outlook on life is risible. Get off the conspiracy theories you fucking dipshit.

I see the Gates Foundation astroturfers are out on day release?

Comment Re:It's a Criminal Organisation (Score 0, Flamebait) 109

LOL dude you don't have a fucking clue how tax works do you?

You certainly don't, obviously. There's one born every minute.......

She is more than free to create and fund her our foundation and focus on the ills she believes haunts the world instead of bitching about others that are actually trying to help...

That 'foundation' isn't helping, that's the point. It's there to commit fraud under the guise of charity and then clueless fuckwits like you come out and defend it.

'Insightful' my fucking arse......

Comment Re:Errr, No (Score 1) 171

Heavily subsidised? LOL - most of the cost of a litre of petrol (and even the hateful diesel) in the UK and Europe is tax that goes straight to the exchequer.

Yes - subsidised. As the oil price goes down, and the price of fuels, it puts far more pressure on the fuel more expensive to produce. Guess who's been squealing recently?

Thankfully there never has been and never will be a 'diesel stage' to our personal transport system.

I'm afraid there already has been and there is. Most of Europe is diesel and a significant proportion of the UK, despite artificial diesel prices.

I'm happy to move from petrol to electric (or hydrogen) powered cars and to leave it to future generations to laugh at the stupidity of burning diesel fuel.

They're going to have to laugh at the last gasp of the petrol burners first. Combustion engines, sadly, are going to be around for some time until a way of producing enough electricity is found with electric vehicles.

Comment It's a Criminal Organisation (Score 1, Troll) 109

Like all these so called 'philanthropic' organisations they are designed primarily as a tax-free haven for their cash pile. Secondly, they are there to promote drugs and get people dependant on aid that makes many companies a significant amount of money. It's amazing what you can get away with under the guise of 'charity', which is why every sportsman and woman, and their dogs seem to have one.

Comment Re:Err, petrol is currently cheaper that diesel (Score 1) 171

I'm more familiar with pollution in cities in Europe, but we've got a good idea of where the NOx comes from, as it can be measured easily from different vehicles. And those measurements show that diesels don't perform nearly as well on the road as they do in the lab (not just VW ones either), whereas the petrol ones do much better

Yes, it's been so easy to measure that it took years for anyone to realise what VW were doing. In fact, in London most of it comes from about 400,000 exempt large diesel vehicles like buses and trucks so that's one easy win. However, we're not going to suddenly run those on petrol because it's uneconomic and would produce far more emissions by burning through more petrol per volume. Like diesels, petrols aren't nearly as 'clean' as anyone would like them to be, not to mention being less efficient. They are just simply not an answer and the falling oil price scuppers it totally, no matter the propaganda.

I'm afraid after VW none of these studies are really credible in any way.

The measurements show the opposite, with NOx for petrol engines going down and down. There is one area in which what you say is true - direct injection engines produce much more soot than traditional port injection ones, but still much less than a diesel without a DPF.

The simple arithmetic is when you more throughly burn the fuel you get more emissions. That's the way the engine works, and of course they're going to produce less than a diesel without a DPF, which is a downright bizarre thing to qualify that with. Remove the catalytic converter and filters and see what happens in reverse.

This can probably be worked around by tuning the injection system or, worst case, adding a filter to petrol engines too (I think Mercedes has already done this on at least one model), so I don't expect it to be a problem for long.

Once you need to start putting additives in you're sunk. The falling oil price is the nail in the coffin that has prompted a lot of anti-diesel talk, especially in the UK, prompting all sorts of desperate headlines. You're also not going to get more out of it by 'tuning' or anything else. There just isn't anything more to be had from a combustion engine.

Electric cars make "hideously expensive" hybrids look cheap. Combustion engines are hardly "over" - electrics account for a tiny fraction of sales.

Hybrids are not only hellishly complex but they are incredibly expensive to maintain. They're certainly more expensive than a diesel engine. Electric vehicles have far fewer moving parts and simply don't need the oils and lubricants a modern combustion engine does. It's a question of where the future is if people really care about emissions and want something that is efficient whilst being cheap enough to buy and especially maintain and there really isn't any more efficiency to be hammered out of the internal combustion engine. The best you can ever hope for in terms of efficiency for a combustion engine is 40% (being very optimistic) - and that's with a turbo, energy recovery systems and every piece of expensive technology you can throw at it. It really is over.

A diesel engine is also more expensive than a petrol one - if it wasn't for favourable tax rates and emissions rules in Europe they wouldn't be economic except for high mileage drivers. Efficiency isn't the be all and end all - total running costs and emissions are.

In continental Europe where diesel is the same price or less expensive than petrol, which is what it should be as the fuel is cheaper to produce, the maths are quite easy to work out. Even in the UK with higher diesel prices as diesel engines have got more efficient and discarded a lot of their traditional problems (quick warm up being one) the trend has been clear for some time. Once you start using heaters and air conditioning systems in a car the comparisons get even more unfavourable when it comes to petrols, which is another area where emissions testing doesn't cover. In the 1990s you didn't get a diesel unless you were a sales rep and spent all your time on the road. That isn't the case any longer and the genie won't go back in the bottle.

Comment Re:Err, petrol is currently cheaper that diesel (Score 1) 171

I'm afraid it does. There is an awful lot of NOx and soot that has appeared from somewhere, and the uncomfortable truth is that it isn't all down to diesel vehicles. Modern petrol/gasoline engines have essentially had to run hotter and become more like diesels to keep up with efficiency. More thorough burning of the fuel means more emissions.

People and the industry desperately trying to big up gasoline/petrol are backing the horse and cart. Its days are over. The emissions card is all there is left to play, and that is bogus, they can never be as efficient as a diesel and trying to flog more life out of them with hybrids just makes them hideously expensive. Beyond the internal combustion engine and diesels it is electric vehicles. It's over.

Comment Errr, No (Score 2) 171

Petrol is heavily, heavily subsidised in the UK. It is simply a more expensive fuel to refine and more of it needs to be transported when compared with diesel. More petrol gets used, hence more of it is transported. Simple.

There are many explanations for petrol being less expensive than diesel on the UK. None add up. As the oil price falls that puts ever greater pressure on the fuel that is most costly to produce. No surprise that in the UK a lot of disdain has been thrown diesel's way, along with the notion that the pumps could run dry. Laughable.

As for diesel being a filthy fuel, I'm afraid petrol is as well. More so than many realise. Modern petrol engines pump out a great deal more NOx than before due to trying, vainly, to keep up with diesel's efficiency. Also, less diesel per volume needs to be transported which is a factor most don't even consider. Petrol is dead. The next stage beyond diesel are all electric vehicles. Hybrids are hideously expensive to build and maintain.

Comment Re:Does he have the data to support his "beliefs"? (Score 1) 171

Modern diesel engines take a surprisingly short amount of time to warm up. Remember that in order to keep up in efficiency with diesel petrol [gasoline] engines have a lot of the same problems as diesel, and they're running hotter in order to burn the fuel more throughly. More thorough fuel burning, more emissions and modern petrol engines are outputting a lot more NOx than anyone is saying.

Basically, petrol car manufacturers are getting desperate as the oil price continues to fall. How VW gave them this gift I have no idea.

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