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Comment: DRM and Sliverlight down your throat (Score 5, Informative) 465

by sebsauvage (#29590337) Attached to: Microsoft Security Essentials Released; Rivals Mock It
Not happy with forcing WGA and automated WindowsUpdate when you install this antivirus, MSE also forces DRM and Silverlight down your throat. Oh... and you are not authorized to talk about MSE without written consent from Microsoft.
Just read the license.


Well, I always welcome free solutions which enhance overall end users security, but this licence is a no-no for me.

Comment: .Net is an ECMA standard, so what ? (Score 1) 1008

by sebsauvage (#28569723) Attached to: Richard Stallman Says No To Mono
C# and CLI are ECMA standards, so what ? They're safe to use ?

Remember MP3 ? This is an ISO standard.
Try to implement a commercial MP3 encoder, and in no time Thomson/Fraunhofer will knock at the door to reclaim payment of a license fee.
Oh... and Thomson/Fraunhofer have themselves been attacked (by Alcatel) regarding patented technologies used in the MP3 format.

Don't assume because something is a standard is has no strings attached (patents, licenses).

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