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+ - PS3 International Launch Content

Submitted by sebFlyte
sebFlyte (844277) writes "In celebration of the international, and specifically UK, launch of the PlayStation 3, GameSpot UK has a couple of neat features up... firstly they've got a detailed look at how the down-speccing of the PS3 in time for the European Launch, and the switch to emulation for PS2-compatibility, will effect gamers all over the world who buy PS3s from here on in, and secondly a side-by-side comparison of PS3 vs Xbox 360 Graphics (a competition the 360 wins, incidentally)."

+ - talks to the brains behind Asimo

Submitted by
sebFlyte writes "CNET are at CES, and they've got an interesting look at Asimo up. It's an interview with one of the developers from Honda talking about not only the potential Asimo has, but also fundamental issues about the design: quite how human they want it to be, why it's child-sized, and why it talks the way it does. It's also cut with some video of Asimo in action... and I must say, it's not just the interviewer who's creeped out by the little chap."

+ - GameSpot tests the quad-core Core2 Extreme

Submitted by
sebFlyte writes "GameSpot have spent some time testing performance (with, obviously, an eye on gaming) of an Athlon 64 X2 5000, a Core 2 Extreme QX6700 and a Core 2 Extreme X6800. The reviewer's conclusion was clear: "While the gaming advantage isn't quite there yet, the Core 2 Extreme QX6700 demolishes the competition in desktop applications.""

+ - PlayStation 3 delayed until March

Submitted by
sebFlyte writes "Europe and other PAL territories (that's Australasia, The Middle East, Russia and Africa) aren't going to get the PS3 until March 2007 at the earliest, according to a GameSpot UK report on a Sony Europe announcement. The problem lies in — you guessed it — the supply of blue laser diodes needed for the ill-fated Blu-Ray player. US and Japanese launches are still scheduled to go ahead for November 11 and 17 respectively, though."

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