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+ - Chilean Start-up Prints First Mind-Designed Object 1

Submitted by seanellis
seanellis (302682) writes "Chilean start-up Thinker Thing has delivered on its promise, and has announced the first real object designed by pure thought. Using an evolutionary algorithm guided by emotional feedback, Thinker Thing's goal is to allow the creation of designs without having to first learn a craft to make them. Their current project is to allow schoolchildren to design toy monsters, which are ideal experimental objects as they are very flexible and emotionally charged."

+ - Chilean Company Promises Objects from Thought->

Submitted by seanellis
seanellis (302682) writes "A small Chilean startup is promising the ability to create objects by mere thought. It seems impossible at first glance, but ThinkerThing, set up by ex-patriot Yorkshireman Bryan Salt, uses neural interfaces to guide the evolution of 3D designs. Its first full-scale project, the Monster Dreamer, allows children to design fantastical monster toys by the power of thought, which will then be printed out as real 3D models. All of this is, as usual, assuming that they can get the funding.

I interviewed Bryan for the Pod Delusion podcast earlier this month."

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+ - Microsoft's Bait and Switch on OOXML standard->

Submitted by
seanellis writes "Rob Weir writes on his blog that Microsoft has pulled a Bait and Switch on maintenance of the Office Open XML file format. Previously, it had repeatedly promised to had over maintenance of the format to ISO, a move designed to allay fears that the format may be further manipulated by Microsoft itself during the maintenance phase. Instead, it turns out that the maintenance procedure will be under the control of the ECMA committee that first drafted the standard. This, of course, is basically under the control of Microsoft themselves. This is exactly the situation that the critics were trying to avoid."
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