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Comment: Re: I don't see this working (Score 3, Insightful) 166 166

Bullshit. I work with a few women developers/testers (5 our of the 40 software engineers on our floor) and they is no "boys only club" mentality. Sure their might be the occaisional off color joke that appeals to men more than women, but over all they are well respected and treated as equals. It's like when my fiancee and her friends are hanging out and they make a joke that appeals to women more than men. Do I get offended and call them sexist because they made joke from the female perspective that doesn't apppeal to me as much as them? No, because that would be abrasive and lame.

If anything I'd say the women I work with are given more slack and more respect than the male developers. I have never seen anyone jump on any of the female engineers here (or anywhere I've worked) for making a mistake. Yet I have seen that happen to male engineers quite a bit, where a colleague or manager forces them to admit to a technical transgression, which sucks because now that female engineer might not learn as much from her mistake. In my experience, male engineers avoid confrontation with women in the workplace, even when it would be constructive.

I agree with OP, most women just don't want to work on the technical side of software development, and the majority of women that I have seen come into software engineering as interns or associate devs have ended up in project maangement. Hell, most men don't want to be software engineers, but there is a minority of men and even smaller minority of women that just have the knack for it. Forcing women who aren't interested into the feild and will make poor engineers is not the answer. If anything that will cause the men to discount minority of talented women (and treat them even more differently than they do now) that deserve to be in the feild.

Comment: Re: Haggling for Rates (Score 1) 229 229

Ha yeah it went up $10-30/month 4 months in a row as our various discounts ran out and our 2 year contracts came up. After seeing how high the bill was I got fed up and started bitching/cancelling/waiting on hold. This time all the discounts are supposed ot run out at the same time (12 months) so hopefully I can do the cancel/retention deal rodeo again and it won't take as long as it did this year.

Comment: Re:Haggling for Rates (Score 1) 229 229

I spent 3 horus on the phone last month with Directv and AT&T Uverse to get bundling setup (they now bundle together). In the end we have everything we had before with a one year contract for 1/2 the price (went from $180/month (out of contract) to $90/month).

It was really degrading to have to go through so many hoops to save some $$ but when I look at my kids and think about what $1200 can buy them, I guess it was worth it.

Comment: Re:Dear Mr. Obama (Score 1) 389 389

Why would the NSA and CIA be spying on Congress? Is it someone's goal to set up the apparatus of a police state?

I'd guess they have also spied on Obama and they have dirt on him (like most of congress). Maybe it's where he was born, maybe it's somethign from his past in Illinois, or something from his time with ACORN. Who knows... It is a relatively simple thing for the NSA/CIA to leak information to the press and get a President impeached. I think this is the simplest explanation for the reversal of Obama's positon regarding the Patriot Act and wiretapping. The CIA has been known to use these types of tactics in the past to maintain power.

Comment: Re:Can we get some all-white/all-black schools too (Score 2) 599 599

Honestly if we lived in a neighborhood that was 80-90% people of different color than us, I'd pay a couple thousand a year to put my kids in a school where most of the other kids looked like them. Otherwise you are inviting a world of pain into your children's life. In my experience 12-16 year olds revel in uniquely cruel forms of racism and bullying. If I can could keep my kids out of that situation for 5% of my income, I'd do it every time.

Comment: WHy would he refuse to work wiht Boeing? (Score 1) 270 270

This guy is most likely a fraud. Why else would he refuse the opportunity to work with Boeing to fix a problem that he claims to be able to exploit but has never actually been done before.

Looking at his twitter profile and his "resume" on the company website... He has never done an-y-thing but gather credentials and bitch. There is nothing the least bit interesting that he has actually done. Certainly nothing to warrant all the attention he gets himself. Just a loudmouth with no skillz.

My career has landed me in the security industry for the last 5 years and I've noticed it is chock full of gas bags like this dude. They grab some encryption packages that someone else wrote, get some certifications, and sudfdenly they are an expert. And they get paid very well to bullshit their way around the country. Meanwhile the real experts keept heir mouths shut, find problems, and hopefully help fix them.

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