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Comment: fuck that (Score 1) 460

by scsizor (#26196581) Attached to: New Contest Will Seek the Best "I'm Linux" Video
Linux would be somking a cig, dressed like an internet gangster with mad jewlery and like 3 fine nekked girls sitting in a big chair just listing to mac and PC make excuses like, "i konw we dont conform to open standard right now but were workin on it..". Maby they could get Omar from the wire to play linux. And play that "Start me up" tune by the Stones... the one MS used for win95 ads. And then linux just walks out of the room all disgusted and the music stops.

Comment: Ive got you RIAA right here (Score 1) 619

by scsizor (#26174711) Attached to: RIAA To Stop Prosecuting Individual File Sharers
Yea before we could all burn CDs or email 10,000 digital copies of music/movies/data/whatever we all appreciated how you people made the copies for us and organized them in the store. However you are now superfluous so, buh-bye-now. Its time for the NEW SHIT. PS we still guna get you back for the law suits

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