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Comment: Re:Yep (Score 1) 290

by scsirob (#49409613) Attached to: Is This the Death of the Easter Egg?

I wrote tape diagnostics tools in the 90's (still do today). The main tool was a DOS program ( EXPERT7 ) which was in use by many customers. If you started the program with a '/?' command line option, it provided help on all command line options. If you started it with '/??', it would play a tune and list the names of everyone involved as beta testers. No-one ever complained.

Comment: Next up, Sen. Feinstein deals with Edward Snowden (Score 1) 538

Sen Feinstein also presented plans to deal with the Edward Snowden situation. In a stunning move, she came up with legislation that would make Edward's mother un-pregnant. Feinstein: "This is really simple. By forbidding Mrs Snowden to be pregnant, Edward does not exist, therefor the whole data leak issue is a thing of the past".

Comment: Re:First time a Muslim packs one with explosives (Score 1, Insightful) 162

by scsirob (#49360113) Attached to: How long until our skies are filled with drones?

Except Christians express their disgust of KKK and actively combat it. Muslims on the other hand are entirely quiet about the atrocities isis and boko haram commit, which to me means they agree with that radical interpretation of islam. I have lost all trust in muslims being part of Western society.

More on subject, I don't think hundreds of buzzing drones overhead will be socially accepted. In my country guns are forbidden, but I'm pretty sure in the USA many will pull their rifle if drone keep them awake, fly over their property and mess up the quiet areas.

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