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Comment: Re:So how is the price... (Score 1) 273

by scsirob (#48467839) Attached to: Is LTO Tape On Its Way Out?

Ask AWS for a quote to restore those 48TB. No really, please so. And then come back and tell us how the math worked out.

Some of our customers had calculated that AWS and tape were on par from a storage perspective. AWS perhaps even a bit cheaper. But any and all benefit is gone the instant they needed to restore anything substantial. Think multiples of $10K...

Comment: R&D: Only three companies left (Score 3, Informative) 273

by scsirob (#48466317) Attached to: Is LTO Tape On Its Way Out?

Tape is great for archive purposes. It would be a shame if LTO dies.
The biggest threat to LTO is the lack of vendors developing drives. At this time only very few companies do R&D for tape devices. IBM, HP and Oracle are the only serious players.

Oracle develops only Enterprise class drives (T10K), not LTO. The market for those drives is quite small, which means the R&D cost needs to be recovered from a relatively low volume. That makes them bl**dy expensive.

HP develops LTO. They have to do R&D for LTO only, as they have no enterprise class drives. LTO is considered commodity so margins are too low to spend a lot on R&D. They will therefor struggle to be cost effective.

IBM develops both an enterprise class (Jaguar) and LTO tape drives. From a tech perspective, IBM are in the best position, as they can develop new technology for their enterprise drives, recoup cost in that segment, and then commoditize the technology in their LTO drives. Unfortunately IBM no longer wants to be a hardware company.

This does not bode well for tape technology in general. I've made a good living from it writing software for tape drives, but I guess all good things come to an end.

Comment: Drones will not be accepted (Score 1) 77

by scsirob (#48168101) Attached to: An Air Traffic Control System For Drones

A single helicopter already turns heads and if it hovers for too long, people will complain about the noise. How do you expect this to work when hundreds of drones are buzzing over our heads every day? People will get very aggressive and drones will be downed in any way possible.

Until there's a silent anti-gravity system (McFly, are you listening?), general use of drones will not take off..

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by scsirob (#48127973) Attached to: Four Dutch Uberpop Taxi Drivers Arrested, Fined

It very much is, unless you work for the Dutch government or the established taxi cartels like TCA.

Dutch people are sick and tired of being over regulated and over taxed. It is a bloody insult that you need a permit to drive someone from A to B *IN YOUR OWN PROPERTY*. And is no less than a crime that Dutch government thinks it is OK to take over HALF of your income. 52% if you make a decent living, and all that to pay for those annual 50K 'positive' immigration of people who add nothing to Dutch society. That's modern slavery for the Dutch!

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by scsirob (#48010271) Attached to: Why the Z-80's Data Pins Are Scrambled

Too bad no company ever came up with a killer 8-bit machine. Z80 CPU, more than 64 kB RAM, sound and graphics like SID and VIC-II.

Really? Ever heard of MSX? See:
It came with graphics, sprites (TMS9918/9929) and was a standard design carried by several manufacturers.

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by scsirob (#47930217) Attached to: ISIS Bans Math and Social Studies For Children

ISIS is islam in all its gory detail. Muslims all over the world get up in arms, and riot over as much as a pencil drawing of their bloody prophet, but are entirely silent over the atrocities performed by IS in the name of their religion. Therefor I conclude that they all to some degree agree with the methods of IS.

There's a recent video on Youtube, where Brigitte Gabriel puts it plain and simple; The Peaceful Majority is Irrelevant. Look it up.
Islam is the worst cancer ever to come to humanity.

Comment: I can simply ignore all health and diet advice (Score 5, Insightful) 291

by scsirob (#47881067) Attached to: Link Between Salt and High Blood Pressure 'Overstated'

Just about everything that is bad for you today is being negated a few years later. Can't find the link today, but at one point "research" showed that jeans were responsible for higher risk of cancer. So I will just continue to live my life and enjoy it to the fullest. If something kills me, at least I had a good time.

Comment: I want my money back (Score -1, Troll) 427

by scsirob (#47862241) Attached to: UN Study Shows Record-High Increases For Atmospheric CO2 In 2013

For the past decade I have been taxed the hell out of, all for the savior of our planet. All to reduce emissions, lower pollution and stop Global Warming (which has conveniently been renamed to Climate Change).

Apparently all for nothing. Taxing the hell out of ordinary people makes zero difference on CO2 emissions. So can I please have my money back???

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