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Comment Plenty people in power should be hanged.. (Score -1, Flamebait) 484

.. for not recognizing islam as the root of all evil, and for refusing to protect the modern Western sociëty against the atrocities of islam.

People in power should stop forcing islam down our throat and force it out of civilized countries. Islam is a mono-cultural ideology that by definition tolerates no other cultures on basis of equality. People in power should recognize this and act accordingly. Stop allowing mosques, islamic preachers and islamic education in the Western world. This who are still determined to believe in islam should move out. If that means dividing the world in two, so be it.

Comment Re:After 20 years of pay cuts (Score 1) 602

Regardless of your savings or lack thereof, you cannot afford to agree to such a clause. It simply means you are not 100% available for your next job. You would have to disclose this to any future employer and no-one in their right mind would hire you for the next two years because of it.

Comment Cheapskates (Score 4, Insightful) 158

They are not open source advocates, they are cheapskates who like the prospect of 'free' anything. No supported equipment, no updates, no training for their staff, they simply don't appreciate the value of their IT.

Let me guess, no decent backups either? No DR plan? Nothing of the sort? If you want to stay there, demand a decent budget ( = commitment) and build greenfield. If you don't get a decent budget, run.

Comment Re:Moslems (Score 1) 956

Grab an Arduino and a display module and you'll have your complicated clock in less than half an hour.

I used to build illegal CB, FM and shortwave transmitters when I was his age (mid-70's). People around me thought it was pretty cool, or nerdy at best.

I can only shiver on the thoughts how my activities would have been judged if I did that today. Times have changed, and fear has changed society enough to make me believe the 'turrists' have won.

Comment Laptop gone poof (Score 3, Informative) 867

Our housekeeper had a Win7 laptop which ran so-so. Win10 downloaded automatically and nagged for install every boot. She finally clicked OK. Laptop thrundled for an hour, rebooted, screen went black, never came back. Each attempt to boot turns the screen black. No recovery, no backup.

She got a Chromebook and couldn't be happier. Thank you Microsoft.

Comment Hypothesis: Patch the good eye (Score 1) 155

If this works at all, then it would be interesting to apply a patch/mask to the good eye when coming out of the dark and wear that patch a few more days. Although I have no proof whatsoever, my hypothesis would be that this would train the brain to 'trust' the image from the amblyopical eye. After another week, release the 'good' eye and see if this balances out vision.

Comment Re:Confusion (Score 5, Insightful) 147

No, sorry, that no longer flies. The 'but there are so many good ones' argument is invalid.

When a wacko Christian does something wrong and claims his faith, Christians stand up and condemn that person. Just a week ago a nutcase Jew stabbed people at random at the gay parade. His community condemned that act and explicitly mentioned that their own fate was to blame.

No such thing happens with islam. Every day atrocities are committed in name of islam. There's a billion muslims out there who could stand up and show disgust for the atrocities. Doesn't happen. In fact, a disturbing number of young muslims agree with what IS does and are looking for ways to support or even join them. Until that big majority of silent muslims stand up and condemn their extremists, I lump them all together as followers of a very dangerous ideology that should be fought.

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