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Comment Re:Confusion (Score 5, Insightful) 147

No, sorry, that no longer flies. The 'but there are so many good ones' argument is invalid.

When a wacko Christian does something wrong and claims his faith, Christians stand up and condemn that person. Just a week ago a nutcase Jew stabbed people at random at the gay parade. His community condemned that act and explicitly mentioned that their own fate was to blame.

No such thing happens with islam. Every day atrocities are committed in name of islam. There's a billion muslims out there who could stand up and show disgust for the atrocities. Doesn't happen. In fact, a disturbing number of young muslims agree with what IS does and are looking for ways to support or even join them. Until that big majority of silent muslims stand up and condemn their extremists, I lump them all together as followers of a very dangerous ideology that should be fought.

Comment Re:Routers with VPN (Score 1) 173

Can't agree more. Ubiquity has some nice and easy, open gear available. To make matters more interesting, they have added deep(ish) packet inspection which allows you to see general traffic per client. So if you want to see what your son is doing without actually wiretapping his traffic, Ubiquity will tell you he spent GB on Youtube, GB on Facebook etc.

The router supports both site-to-site as well as single client VPN, so no problem dialling in from remote and get access to any and all networks in your cloud.

Comment 400V and different plug (Score 3, Interesting) 674

That is the easy fix. If they stick power outlets on trains that are not meant for the public, then they should ensure it doesn't work for the public. For example by using a non-standard power outlet that does not accept standard charger plugs, and perhaps by supplying some unusable power level through it. Like 400V or so. That will teach the public really quick.

Comment Goldman Sachs (Score 2) 1307

When Greece joined, they claimed to have a 3% or below deficit. It turned out to be more than 15%. Goldman Sachs helped them to cook the books. So there's multiple parties to blame. Greece for weaseling themselves into the eurozone, Brussels for turning a blind eye, and Goldman Sachs for committing large scale fraud. In the end, none of the responsible people will be punished. In the end, taxpayers in Europe, both the Greek and the rest of the Europeans are holding the bag. It is by design.

Comment Brought a Tandem Non-stop to a halt.. (Score 1) 377

Back in the 80's I worked for a field service organisation, fixing and maintaining PDP11 and VAX systems, but also CDC-9766 removable disk systems. Big 14" removable disk packs like you see them in old scifi movies. One of my customers had a string of 10 or so attached to a five-node Tandem Non-stop system.

Each week they brought two out of ten off-line for me to work on. I cleaned the heads, then used a servo disk pack to realign those heads.
To do this, I needed to remove the control cable from the string, and plug in an excersizer. One day I forgot to pull the control cable. So instead of moving the heads of my offline drive to a specific track, I moved the heads of *ALL* disks in the string! Without the O/S knowing about it

Believe me, that will bring a Tandem Non-stop to a grinding halt. That was my last time on the floor for that customer, but I didn't lose my job. Cost? I don't know. Perhaps a weekend of data recovery for the operators?

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