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Comment Re:the point (Score 1) 130

If "shrinking to a minimum" is really the goal, then they should take a good look at the kernel itself. It has collected lots of cruft over the past 20+ years. The first Linux "distribution" I booted (Linux kernel 0.12) came on two 1.2MB floppy disks that still had room to hold additional files. A lot has changed since then, but if you claim 'bare essentials' then there's plenty room for improvement.

Comment Volvo messed too (Score 4, Interesting) 147

My Volvo V40 D4 used 4.7l/100km for 30.000km strait. At the very first service interval, the ECU software was updated. Immediately the car started to use 5.3l/100km and no longers seems to deliver the same power. My driving habbits and usual routes have not changed. My shoes didn't get any heavier. How do you explain 15% more fuel usage other than trying to cover up software 'flaws'?

Comment Re:No questions linger (Score 3, Interesting) 78

Intel has just acknowledged a bug in their Skylake CPU's that surfaces when calculating prime numbers. Prime numbers happen to be heavily used in crypto. Is this a genuine bug, or a microcode backdoor-gone-rogue that can be exploited by some agencies?

So are you never going to buy an Intel product again?

Comment Re:It will fail (Score 2) 474

Well, perhaps wars are the only way to work this out. Throwing a large blanket over the continent, calling it European Union and then redistributing wealth still has the same effect, that those who have, want to keep it, and those who don't, always want more from the wealthy neighbours. Removing borders to make the nation state disappear does not change the way people behave.

Comment Re:It will fail (Score 2) 474

...Money from one area can be used to support another (foundation of the nation-state itself) which improves overall welfare (quality of life).... Everyone benefits.

As a Dutch citizen, I am seeing this idea being tried in real life. On multiple scales. Like, Northern Europe subsidizing Southern Europe. And soon Ukraïne. And like, Northern Europe engulfed in immigrants, forced to pick up the tab, and East Europe taking none. Let me assure you, "Everone benefits" is a lie.

Comment Wishful thinking (Score 0, Flamebait) 474

I live in The Netherlands, and work in Utrecht. Large areas are quickly turning into islamic no-go areas. Young people from those areas dress like they grew up in a kaliphate and are openly sympathising with IS. Meanwhile they blame Dutch society for not offering them employment, and call every employer that turns them down a racist. Everything is someone else's fault. They are happy to take from the society they despise, they are unwilling to participate in any way.

Utrecht is a notorious left-wing city. They dream up pie-in-the-sky ideas all the time, without thinking who will pay for it all. The Dutch are at the limit of what they will tolerate for taxes, and also for islamic influences shoved down out throats. 2016 looks like it will become a pivotal year in The Netherlands.

Comment The late Prince Allalah al BulShiet (Score -1, Offtopic) 119

I'm pretty sure I know Linda. She is a friend of mine. She introduced herself a few months ago, she is the widow of the late Prince Allalah al BulShiet, who left her a pretty big sum of money, Something along the lines of $25 Million. I am now helping her to get that money out of Nigeria into her safe bank account, by transferring it to me as a beneficiary. I have had to set up the account and send her $15000 to do the paperwork, but next month I will receive 5% of the money as a fee. Linda is a true friend and I can highly recommend doing business with her.

Comment Re:How about hatespeech from muslims? (Score 1) 259

Is taking someone's head off hateful? If so, is the gesture of taking someone's head off hateful? 14-year old asylum seekers are doing this today.
Is fighting for IS hateful? If so, is supporting the atrocities committed by IS hateful? If so, is it hateful to *not* condemn those atrocities?

I have a very strong opinion on islam. I hate islam and everything it stands for. Now what?

As a side note, I find it interesting to see how many are responding as Anonymous Cowards. Afraid of the thought police??

Comment Hype and commerce - recipe for disaster (Score 1) 123

It's of all times. Whenever a new hype starts (cloud, drones, apps, IoT), the one and only thing that counts is 'time to market'. Companies strive to stick the new hype label on anything and everything they have, and will stop at nothing to be FIRST! Never mind quality control. Never mind test phases. If it so much as compiles, shove it out the door and hope no-one finds out the cr*p you produced before you cashed.

IoT will be the worst failure of them all. And you must be a total idiot to connect your doorlock to the Internet

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