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Comment Why did they even need passwords? (Score 3, Interesting) 236 236

What I'm left wondering is why someone should need a username and password to comment on a blog post on their sites. Do they have a reputation system? Does it really prevent spam? Or is it just to gather a list of email addresses that they might sell later? There must be a better way to accomplish the little functionality that their login requirement provides. Especially now that they have to deal with the fact that their login system was not secure.

Submission + - Open Source Salaries

Wade Willett writes: "Open Source Salaries website has just been launched introducing the concept of open salary information across the globe for everyone in IT. Even now, accurate salary information is sparse across the country and when looking internationally, practically non-existent.

Want to move? You can view salaries anywhere in the world. In its Google like simplicity, OSS has no registration or advertising hoops to jump through. OSS has been designed to be simple and fast yet in being open, OSS has something unavailable anywhere else — you can download all the data to prove your point.

OSS goal is to provide honest and open salary information across the globe and is located at:"

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