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Comment: Re:Yeah, what he said.... (Score 1) 499

by screaser (#18094952) Attached to: IT Departments Fear Growing Expertise of Users

Agreed. What need does a biller have in hooking up their IPOD to their work PC? Why would a clientservices-phone jockey need to hook up their USB memory stick? Why would a transcriptionist need access msn/hotmail/yahoomail? In theory this sounds wonderful. In practice very few IT folks would accept the same restrictions on their own computers without massive revolt, so why should "stupid users" have to put up with this kind of BS. Eh, you're just a sysadmin. Here, use this copy of Windows the way I happened to configure it to try to get all your work done. Really? You'd bend over and take that?

While sysadmins are ultimately responsible for IT security, there are generally many ways to accomplish that. "Lock down everything and screw the user" is not the only way; nor is it always the best way, overall. Consider that today virtually every "knowledge" worker has 3-10 different job roles. Nobody is *just* a button pusher anymore... You may not care enough to find out why someone needs to use a memory stick once a year, but that doesn't mean there isn't a good (== good for the company) reason. The company can go out of business for other reasons too, like being hampered into lower consistently low productivity by a paranoid IT staff.

This "only I am smart enough to actually have any control" attitude is also one of the reasons so many IT folks don't get dates.

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