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Comment Re:This was _outlawed_ in the USA? (Score 1) 545

Land of the free my ass. It's a nation of lunatics ruled by fear.

I grew up in the 50's. I had a happy and healthy childhood. But by today's standards, every relative of mine would have spent their entire lives in prison. I lived in Philadelphia, and by the time I could reliably walk I was running short errands of a block or two for my grandmother. "Go get a head of lettuce from the greengrocer, dear - have him put it on my account." By the time we moved to the suburbs (I was six) I was walking a mile or two to school. At eight I got a bike, and in summer roamed the entire town, out of adult supervision for most of the day. By ten or so I had a rail pass, and visited nearby towns (usually with a friend) to go to book stores or hobby shops. Note that I purchased, and flew, "dangerous" hobby items like model rockets.

Most damning, when I walked home from school - starting in third grade - I was home alone for a couple of hours before my mother got home from work. No one thought anything about it, or anything else mentioned above. I am so, so sorry for people currently experiencing childhood - they'll live their lives in coddled fear. No wonder they expect the government to protect them - they have no idea how to live their lives themselves.

Comment What comes around... (Score 3, Interesting) 223

Well, this made me laugh. The very first color inkjet I ever saw (circa 1987) used refillable reservoirs, and simple squeeze bottles of ink. The printer (Tektronix) was pricey - perhaps $1600 1987 dollars - but cost almost nothing to operate. I think an 8 oz. bottle was six or seven bucks.

BTW, that printer was a wide-carriage, 300 dpi model with a SCSI interface.

Comment Re:The timing of technology. (Score 1) 117

It's a joke, you see. If we wait, eventually a star will come close enough that we can just hop on over to it. Thus interstellar travel with no extra technology needed, apart from that which would keep us alive if another star were that close.

Love it. You simply throw a rope around the passing star, and it yanks you right off the planet. For the less-than-alert reader, if you can accelerate to the speed of a passing body... you don't really need that body.

Comment Re:Multiple formats (Score 1) 251

It almost doesn't matter as long as it's more than one medium, stored in more than one place. I keep copies of everything on HDDs (and sometimes tape) here at home, but also copy the most vital stuff onto 3.5" magneto-optical disks (Fuji DynaMO -- they never caught on but they've been super reliable) and keep that in a safe deposit box at the bank. $25/year is pretty good for getting my life's work back if my house burns down. If you do choose a removable medium, make sure you keep a spare drive too. It'd be a shame to have pristine media you can't read.

I've been using two HD copies and a DynaMO for years. Magneto-optical drives require both light and magnetism to write, and are predicted stable for 100+ years. However, I no longer have confidence that drives will be available when my primary and backup ones die. I'm shifting over to three HD's; at 59 years old, they'll last me long enough

Comment Some people like to tinker (Score 2) 592

...or have other specialized needs. Apple hardware has an unparalleled build quality; no one disputes that. The only question on that front is whether you find it worthwhile to pay for that quality. My Apple Laptop is dual-boot; Windows at work and OSX at home. Both work perfectly. My home system previously also had a Linux boot volume; that worked well too. However, for MY purposes, it did nothing that other Unix variant, OSX, did not - and it was trickier to install and maintain.

So the answer is, specific needs (like my absolute IE9 requirement at work) or just like to play with the OS.

Comment Re:Do they float? (Score 1) 33

I think one way to fish is to drop a grenade or TNT stick into a body of water. Then, at least some of the fish float to the surface.

Is it realistic to think we could explore life in the depths of the ocean by dropping depth charges and waiting to see what comes up?

In the same way we could learn about the culture of foreign countries by nuking them and examining the radiated spectrum. The search for knowlege only occasionally involves explosives.

Comment Re:Not unexpected. (Score 5, Informative) 141

Ultimately, I value my time enough that I will generally not purchase things I think will break and require fixing or taking to a repair shop. I'll spend extra on a dependable product. Apple computers have shown to not be dependable, despite being more expensive...

Yeah, factually untrue. Industry statistics show Apple products to be consistently the most dependable you can buy. If that's not good enough to meet your standards for reliability, what does?

Comment Save us some time (Score 1) 173

Might as well stop fooling ourselves that we're a nation of laws. The actions of the US government are indistinguishable from those of an unlimited monarchy; they take what they want. Soon the burden of writing, re-writing, and re-interpreting little laws to justify it will be onerous, and they'll stop.

Then we won't have to (and indeed won't be allowed to) waste time talking about it.

Comment Re:there is a solution to law enforement for profi (Score 2) 398

it will require a constitutional amendment

1. no government entity (fees, fines, tolls, tariffs, settlements, and seizures) may use non-tax monies for any of its operating expenses
2. all non-tax revenue are distributed evenly amongst the citizens of the collecting jurisdiction on an annual basis

People who break the law or use limited government services still pay. People who don't break the law and don't use services are rewarded with an extra tax refund. And politicians can't be sneaky about the amount of money they spend since 100% of it will have to come directly from taxes.

Of course this will never happen because of entrenched power and the 1% benefiting from the current system fleecing the general public.

This. PLEASE! I've been saying it for years.

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