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Comment: Re:Options (Score 1) 460

by scottdmontreal (#29498715) Attached to: Large-Scale Mac Deployment?
Assimilator? That's cute, I used it too, but: People recalling their experiences from the 90's really prevents serious discussion for this platform. Those were the days, they are long gone now, NONE of that code remains, several times over, it has NOTHING to do with the computers as they stand now. Furthermore, nobody cares. I will give three months and then I will not want to hear about anything prior to 10.6. I bid you good day.

Comment: Re:DeployStudio or LanREV (Score 3, Informative) 460

by scottdmontreal (#29498625) Attached to: Large-Scale Mac Deployment?
DeployStudio looks fantastic with it's multicasting capabilities, but the System Image Utility in Leopard Server is just so trusty I have a hard time looking at anything else. You don't hear much about Leopard Server but it is by far the most promising aspect of the platform. It is the key to any large scale OSX network. I am a one man shop for 400 users. I'm sure that with a staff of three It could scale way up.

Comment: I disable MacBook cameras every day (Score 1) 442

by scottdmontreal (#27795459) Attached to: Portables Without Cameras?
This is part of life at a private high school. The parents have to consent to cameras in the computers, otherwise they are removed. In the current MacBooks you would kill the screen if you unplugged the camera, so we opted for a launchd script that makes sure the camera stays off. The parents are more agreeable to this than the drill-press option. I would be very proud of any grade 9 student that could beat the script.

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