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Comment: Re: installer installer installer (Score 1) 420

by scottbomb (#49659023) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Moving To an Offshore-Proof Career?

I'm' trying to break into an IT career at age 42. Lots of personal but no employment experience in IT. "Go to college" they said. "It will help you break it." I graduate next year. So, will I be one of those "blank slates" like the ones young enough to be my kid or am I screwed before even applying?

I'm amazed by how society is tolerating this overt age discrimination. If all of us over 40 were black, this would have been solved years ago.

+ - DHS refuses to investigate So. Cal. Edison for abusing H1-B visa program->

Submitted by scottbomb
scottbomb writes: “At this point it would be premature for USCIS to speculate as to whether Southern California Edison’s participation in the H-1B program has violated laws,” Mr. Rodriguez wrote. “If facts come to our attention that indicate violations have occurred, USCIS will take appropriate action to maintain the integrity of our programs.”

Mr. Durbin and Mr. Sessions were not pleased with the brush-off.

“We did not ask for speculation; we asked for an investigation,” they said in a joint statement.

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Comment: I wouldn't call that a "surveillence society" (Score 1) 254

by scottbomb (#49501233) Attached to: The Upsides of a Surveillance Society

To do so implies that a camera is always trained on me when in fact, that's almost never the case. The article itself does make an interesting point about people being more reluctant to act like a fool when they know a stranger with a camera is likely to catch it all. But to call that a "surveillance society" is false sensationalism.

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