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Comment: Where's the "security theater Rick Santelli"? (Score 1) 712

by scotsalmon (#34245670) Attached to: US Marshals Saved 35,000 Full Body Scans

It seems like what's necessary at this point is for someone with a public platform to actually say what we all know, that security theater (a) has gone too far and (b) isn't helping anyway.

It's probably too risky for someone who, say, works for an airline, or an airport, to say it even if they know it, because then if that airline or airport is the target of the next attack, even if it had nothing to do with what they said, the lawsuits would fly even faster and more furiously than usual. It's unlikely that a politician from the spineless Democratic Party would say anything that could be construed as being soft on terrorists. I'd like to think that some of the Republicans (especially some of these newly elected Tea Party types) might, but I also think they count on the whole atmosphere-of-constant-fear thing to drive up demand for their preferred policies of military spending, gun rights, the death penalty, and so on, so I am not counting on them either. And anyone who has to answer to the politicians (like the head of the TSA) probably has to shut up for the same reasons.

So I'm not sure who I'm counting on here. I dunno if some 2nd-tier broadcaster could do for this issue what Rick Santelli did for the mortgage bailout, because when he ranted, it was politically easy for others to say "yeah! what he said!" But there must be someone. Right?

Comment: EVE isn't the standard example... (Score 1) 463

by scotsalmon (#28612349) Attached to: The Dilemma of Level vs. Skill In MMOs

As noted in the article, EVE isn't a classic example of skill-based levelling because in EVE skills level in real time only and independent of what you do in the game. There's no skill "grind", for better or worse. The more classic example would be UO.

You have WoW (and most other MMOs) where you gain XP from almost everything you do, and with enough XP you advance a level and your character gets better in many ways. Or you have UO where if you hit something with a sword you get better at swords, if you block with your shield you get better at shields, etc. Or EVE where you get better at whatever skill you specify, regardless of what you're doing in game (or even, in EVE's case, if you're not playing at all).

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