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+ - SPAM: Gold Party 4 Pounds - Recycle your unwanted gold,

Submitted by goldparty4pounds
goldparty4pounds writes: Ethical and fair terms to consumers in the gold recycling industry, above average prices paid for unwanted gold. Host a gold party, recycle your unwanted gold , sell you unwanted jewellery and earn £££.

You now have a fun way to enjoy an evening with friends letting them leave with money, by hosting a gold party. Enjoy hosting a gold party while making money of your own for hosting the event.

Enjoy with your friends while hosting a gold party. Bring along your unwanted gold, jewellery, watches, or gold coins. Host a gold party, sell your unwanted gold, earn £££ and help preserve the environment.

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It's funny.  Laugh.

Popup Study Confirms Most Users Are Idiots 568

Posted by CmdrTaco
from the at-my-office-they-all-are dept.
danieltdp writes "Testing students at a University, psychologists made many of them click on a dialog box that in effect said: 'You are about to install some malware. Malware is bad. By clicking yes you are failing the Windows Darwin Test.' Nearly half of them said all they cared about was getting rid of these dialogs."

BASIC is the Computer Science equivalent of `Scientific Creationism'.