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Comment: Re:faster than light never violates Relativity (Score 1) 100

i get it: they are guaranteed the same white noise, which is fine for encryption purposes (and know if someone snooped, because that would render their white noise dissimilar)

but there is no preserving the integrity of a particle/ wave for transportation purposes

thank you, i learned something

Comment: Re:Android to iDevice (Score 1) 169

by American AC in Paris (#49790593) Attached to: The Tricky Road Ahead For Android Gets Even Trickier

...well, that's sort of one of the features of Android. It's open, and it's run-on-what-have-you, so it should hardly be surprising that a significant chunk of the install base is running on cheap, low-end devices. It's a big part of the reason Android has such a large market share compared to iOS.

If Google can't pull low-end Android users onto high-end devices instead of iDevices, well, that's partly a failure of marketing, and partly the natural challenge of living in such a diverse world of devices. If a significant chunk of your market share consists of budget devices with bad user experiences that are targeted to non-technical users, you can hardly be surprised when those users clump the OS in with the phone itself.

Comment: Re:faster than light never violates Relativity (Score 2) 100

we have no technology remotely capable of this, but:

1. a quantum entangled version of yourself moves away from you (at "normal" speed, less than c)

2. say... many light years away (i know, i said we have no technology remotely capable of this, bear with me here, just a thought experiment)

3. the "copy" of you can't violate c, but at the last moment, one version of you interacts with its surroundings, collapsing you to that single copy. such that you have achieved instantaneous transportation across light years of distances

doesn't that happen faster than c?

Comment: Re:Machine learning? (Score 1) 183

by circletimessquare (#49779299) Attached to: DNA On Pizza Crust Leads To Quadruple Murder Suspect

on the issue of racism, no

i do not know many things about many topics. all of us are ignorant of many things

but i know enough about racism to understand that racists are not intelligent people. i am absolutely certain of that

oh i am certain you can find some mathematician who can do complex topological analysis in his head who is a fervent racist. there's also mathematicians who can't balance their checkbooks or know how to talk to girls. much like autism, extreme intelligence in a small domain does not often extend to basic social intelligence. on a site like slashdot, i am certain there are minds brilliant in small esoteric areas that are social morons, aspergers syndrome types

but anyone of average social development and of ordinary iq can easily spot the logical fallacies with racist "thinking"

and so you must be socially retarded to be a racist. i am certain of that to an absolute degree

there are certain beliefs, like creationism, antivaccine, racism, that to believe in those things *requires* you to be mentally deficient and socially stunted

if you are racist, you are a low intelligence individual. truth

Comment: Re:You realize... (Score 1) 185

Of course he's correct - that's practically a tautology and may indicate lack of sleep and/or concentration on his part :-)

I was actually going for the "this should be all but self evident to anybody" with that particular line. And the poster above you STILL managed to mis-characterize what I said.

Comment: Re:Machine learning? (Score 1) 183

by circletimessquare (#49777797) Attached to: DNA On Pizza Crust Leads To Quadruple Murder Suspect

we're dealing with racists here

to believe in racism is to be a stupid person because to believe in it requires falling for a logical fallacy

if you don't understand that you are indeed a stupid person. objectively true. to hold a belief that requires low iq is to be a stupid person. objectively determined truth of low intelligence

i don't really give a shit what you think of me. because i am 100% correct here. racists are stupid people. you have to be a genuinely dumb, low iq, moron to believe the borken "if... then..." bullshit reasoning behind racist beliefs

Comment: Re:Two quick fixes to mass replicate (Score 1) 231

by American AC in Paris (#49777397) Attached to: Elon Musk Establishes a Grade School

Sure, plenty of kids and teens would not get educated, but they're probably not get anything now either. You can't make a student that won't learn educated anymore than you can make a morbidly obese person who refuses to eat right healthy. Sometimes society is better off with such people being allowed to make themselves into warnings for others.

Setting aside the sheer depravity of this argument, we have ample historical context for what happens when society cuts off the neediest. France, Haiti, Cuba, China, Russia, Algeria, Egypt, India, Scotland, The Phillipines, Mexico--just to name a few places where social and political inequality have driven massive, bloody revolts.

Wealth and political power calcify with the already wealthy and powerful. The middle and working classes slowly lose what wealth they have through attrition. Poverty becomes a virtually inescapable sink of destitution. Eventually, enough people end up having quite literally nothing to lose that you get vicious, deadly, destructive revolutions that take generations to recover from.

If you insist on taking a "pragmatic" view of not even bothering to -try- to improve the lives of the impoverished, try to at least understand the historical ramifications of what you're arguing for.

Comment: Re:You realize... (Score 1) 185

So, it would be universally bad for humanity if those died out?

Even virii are valuable, as we learn a lot from them. And yes, total eradication, while it makes for some short term happiness may ultimately lead to a long term problem. In the case of a harmful virus; I have no objection to active infections being purged, especially when the virus is disfiguring, painful, or lethal - I consistently put the welfare of humanity out front.

However we should probably keep some around in jars or whatever for study. Good to have samples of a "contained" virus to help us compare to new wild strain in the future; to help research new treatments.

Or did you mean that "Cute things going extinct is universally bad for humanity"?

Nope. That's just you projecting what you think my argument is.

"It is easier to fight for principles than to live up to them." -- Alfred Adler