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+ - Voter Audit? Or Invasion of Privacy->

Submitted by scosco62
scosco62 (864264) writes "I received a letter today, which was a supposed audit of my voting history in 2004 and 2008. It also included the name and address of my immediate neighbors, along with their alleged voting record.

The American's for Limited Government was the organization that sent it out, is — according to WikiPedia anyway — a conservative action group.

I tend to be conservative, and the appeal for limited government is personally appealing — however, one the reasons I want a limited government is for the simple fact that I want to be left alone — and doing audit's on my voting record is not consistent with that. Just because it's public record, doesn't mean that it should be aggregated and sent to my neighbors.

Did anyone else receive on of these?"

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+ - Plundering the American Dream->

Submitted by scosco62
scosco62 (864264) writes "Recently, a survey was conducted at Valencia College, where 200 students were asked to write an essay on the American Dream. as well as their perspective on the role of government in their lives.

Here's a sample response:

“As human beings, we can’t really control our own actions, so we need the government to control those who don’t care about others.”

Evidentally, the majority of the students wanted a tax on the wealthy, free education and healthcare, job and home — and looked to the government to provide that.

Now, granted, this is FoxNewsish, and a very small sample at a small schoolish like institution — but it is consistent with the broader worldview of 18-22 year olds?"

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+ - RIM Holds Press Conference->

Submitted by scosco62
scosco62 (864264) writes "Everyone who has a job in Corporate IT with a BES (or other server), is listening to the unfolding RIMPocolype 2011. RIM (finally) issued a press conference addressing the issues, which are starting to creep into the Americas.

Listening to this doesn't give me any confidence with these guys — they definitely seemed to be fumbling....."

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+ - Final Cut Update->

Submitted by scosco62
scosco62 (864264) writes "Final Cut X, released earlier this year, was met with a great deal of enthusiastic criticism, especially over the perceived loss of key functionality. Earlier this month, without a great deal of fanfare, an update was released which quietly re-added a good deal of the missing feature set was released."
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+ - Social Media Suppression->

Submitted by scosco62
scosco62 (864264) writes "Interesting story, albeit a few days old. The thing that caught my eye was 'Cameron said that government officials are working with authorities 'to look at whether it would be right to stop people communicating via these websites and services when we know they are plotting violence, disorder and criminality.''"
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The Almighty Buck

+ - Buy your own Band

Submitted by scosco62
scosco62 (864264) writes "Interestingly enough, Rednex is advertising itself on ebay — own your own pop-band for a cool 1.5 Mil. In case you didn't know, they pretty much define one-hit-wonder; it is still worth checking out."

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