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+ - Exchange old iPhone for new iPhone->

Submitted by scorpio.pkt
scorpio.pkt (2933761) writes "Are you an iPhone fan??
A diehard Apple fan wants to own the latest version oh his favorite cell phone- ALWAYS!!
No matter how fast they upgrade to newer versions.
Do you feel embarrassed while pulling out an old device once the new one is out?
In that case, here is this special offer JUST FOR YOU!!
Read to know how and when you can exchange your old device for a new one:"

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+ - How to Hide Facebook Post from Boss/ Mom/ Dad/ Ex?->

Submitted by scorpio.pkt
scorpio.pkt (2933761) writes "There is no denying that most of us put up status updates about the most mundane happenings in everyday life on Facebook. Without ever realizing that these posts could land us in a soup if read by the wrong people.

One avid user recently posted, "5 AM only. And I am heading for a shower. Which idiot opens his store at 6??"
To which his boss replied, "The same idiot who pays you every month. You're fired anyways. Go back to sleep".

Avoid situations like these and see how you can hide your Facebook status update from your boss/ teacher/ ex/ mom/ dad?"

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+ - Google's Proposed Facial Gestures Unlock Feature for Android Devices->

Submitted by scorpio.pkt
scorpio.pkt (2933761) writes "For all those who forget the lock screen pattern too often or first spend a few minutes coming up with an ingenious password which no hacker would be able to get through and then forget it themselves, Google proposes to introduce an Unlock System that would require the users of the Android based device to make certain facial gestures while looking int the front camera of their device. That could include winking eyes, pulling out the tongue, rubbing the nose or a wrinkle across the forehead.
This proposed system will ensure that the data stored in the device (whether cell phone or tablet) can not be accessed by unauthorized people."

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+ - Using the Right Fonts->

Submitted by scorpio.pkt
scorpio.pkt (2933761) writes "Choosing the right fonts can make all the difference to make the user experience on a printed piece or across a website/ blog better. Unless you want your readers to give up reading inpsite of wanting to do so, with a headache and watery eyes, make sure to choose the right font.
Though cursive handwriting can look great and artistic, one has to make sure it is legible."

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