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Hey, AC. I'm going to assume you live in the US.

Let's assume the following hypothetical. A bunch of the Aztlan nutjobs somehow manage to assume some power in Tijuana. They decide that they want California "back".

They start sending suicide bombers into So Cal. The Mexican government does nothing. They start launching rockets into So Cal. The Mexican government does nothing.

What should the US Government do in this situation?

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by sconeu (#47459133) Attached to: White House Punts On Petition To Allow Tesla Direct Sales

Thank you. For once, this would be a legitimate use of the Interstate Commerce Clause.

Clearly, this *is* the purview of Congress, not the President, but all that the White House needs to do to make the petitioners happy is have one of its pet Congresscritters introduce legislation.

It seems to me that the state regulations banning such sales are an intrusion upon the prerogatives of Congress.

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