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Comment: Re:New director, new cast? (Score 1) 328

Karl Urban *NAILED* the role right from the beginning. John Cho sort of has the Sulu character down... remember Sulu always wanted to be a swashbucker (see "The Naked Time").

I'm still iffy on the rest of the cast. There are times when they seem to to fit into the characters, but then there are the horrendously awful moments...

Comment: Re:Copenhagen interpretation != less complicated (Score 1) 196

by sconeu (#48636959) Attached to: Quantum Physics Just Got Less Complicated

Bell showed that Von Neumann's disproof of local hidden variable theories was flat out wrong.

My understanding is that hidden variables theories can be made to work if reality is non-local. And given that quantum entanglement appears to be non-local, hidden variables should be able to work.

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