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Comment Re:Cap & Trade = Energy Rationing (Score 1) 874

And won't it be a kick in the balls to supporters of C&T once they realize that this is going to negatively affect food aid to the third world.

No, it won't. They don't really care, and the holier-than-thou feeling they get from this stupid piece of legislation will obscure the facts to them anyway.

Consider, these idiots who heavily promoted and supported Ethanol from corn, not realizing they were just playing in to the hands of the farm lobby, who wanted more subsidies. It was a factor in causing world grain prices to rise, thus creating famine in the Third World.

So, if they ever realize it, which is doubtful, they probably won't care, or think its for the "greater good."

Comment Re:How about (Score 1) 793

Believe it or not, the British NHS recently did an analysis and determined that smokers and the obese cost the system less money than healthy people. The reason being that these people tended to die early, before the complications and cost associated with old age set in.

Exactly! People should thank the smokers - they're national benefactors!

Comment Re:I feel bad for these people (Score 1) 717

The conservatives you mention. By your definition they haven't had anyone to vote for in the last 100 years or so.

Seriously, if you're a conservative of that stripe...who do you vote for?

And another thing. Conservatives such as the people you describe need to *SPEAK UP* and get represented. Although I usually vote Democrat, I would happily consider people of that mind set. Anything that marginalizes the neocons is good, IMHO.

OK, I'll bite on this one...

No-one to vote for in the last 100 years? Except, of course, for Barry Goldwater, Ron Paul (as the Libertarian candidate in the 1980s) and Ron Paul in the repub primary race this year, or if you want to go further back, Calvin Coolidge (the only one of the three I listed who actually won.)

As to conservatives needing to speak up... actually many do. But REAL conservatives are usually marginalized very quickly by the current Republican (and Democartic) party. Ron Paul is a case in point. But it certainly hasn't shut him up. One political commentator on mainstream media, Glenn Beck, could definitely be called a real conservative (although some of his foreign policy views may be a bit un-conservative.)

Then there are the radio talk show hosts who are actually conservative (ie. not Rush Limbaugh types) as well as the many thousands of individuals (like myself) who constantly post true conservative views to places like Slashdot, write to magazines and newspapers and generally talk to all our friends continually about it.

Maybe all of the people you speak to are Democrat or Neocon, and you need to step outside your circle a little bit.... just a suggestion. You'll find some very intelligent, tolerant people among true Conservatives. There are some arsholes, too, but every group has those.

Comment Re:Would love to... (Score 1) 249

Maybe you could lobby for StarOffice instead? It meets the requirement of having a cost ($70 per user, on up to 5 machines, IIRC). Since StarOffice and OpenOffice look virtually identical, you might be able to slip OpenOffice to the more basic users later.

All humour aside, the sad thing is that it might actually work, and I'm going to try it.

Comment Re:Would love to... (Score 1) 249

I wish I was able to move more things to OSS.

I have had the devil of a time in my company just getting people to switch to Open Office from MS Office, and this is for people who only use basic word processing and spreadsheet functionality.

The fact that it does exactly the same things and only has a slightly different interface doesn't seem to matter - if it doesn't look exactly the same as Office they simply stare blankly at the screen, or pester me so relentlessly about walking them through every little feature that looks different until we just give in and give them an Office license.

After this I genuinely believe that they are only being stupid about it because they know it is free - they somehow feel less important if they're given a tool that wasn't paid for.

That may seem cynical but I don't think anyone who uses a computer all day at work could be so dense that they couldn't figure out how to use OOWriter instead of MSWord.

Comment Re:Privacy as a recent phenomenon (Score 1) 209

I completely agree.

The summary states

'For most of human history, people have lived in small tribes where everything they did was known by everyone they knew,' Dr. Malone said. 'In some sense we're becoming a global village. Privacy may turn out to have become an anomaly.'

IMO this statement is both idiotic and misleading.

The bulk of the protest about privacy violation, at least for those I discuss it with, is people who you don't know, and probably never will, having more access to information about you than even your closest friends in many respects.

Comment Re:not news (Score 1) 408

Where are my mod points when I need them?

The parent hits the nail on the head of the unacknowledged problem here and the reason it is almost never resolved.

People continue to cry out to the Government for solutions, not realizing it is their intervention that has created the problem in the first place.

Comment Re:Shit (Score 1) 568

"She's an asshole though." Well, but, that is not against the law...

No, but fraud and harassment are. And this sounds like a pretty clear case of using a pseudonym in a fraudulent manner in order to harass an individual. I for one do NOT hope that the judgment is vacated.

Wow. Just wow. If I tell you my name is "Betty" and then proceed to tell you to go and die, is that, in your mind, against the law?

What a terrible nanny state we live in if verbally harassing someone under a pseudonym is punishable by 3 years in prison!

Disclaimer for all the knee-jerk reactors out there: of course what this women did was wrong and mean, but illegal?

Further disclaimer to knee-jerk idiots: My name is Betty. Go and die.


Large Hadron Collider Goes Live September 10th 409

Naznarreb writes "CERN announced today that the first attempt to circulate a beam through the Large Hadron Collider will be on September 10th, 2008. You can read the press release here. They also announced the event will be webcast live. According to the release, they're just planning to run a few tests laps, not smash any particles, so the world won't be ending quite yet." And despite that September 10th date, according to the BBC, "On 9 August, protons will be piped through LHC magnets for the first time."

Apple Patches Kaminsky DNS Vulnerability 89

Alexander Burke writes "Apple has just released Security Update 2008-005, which patches BIND against the Kaminsky DNS poisoning issue. 'This update addresses the issue by implementing source port randomization to improve resilience against cache poisoning attacks. For Mac OS X v10.4.11 systems, BIND is updated to version 9.3.5-P1. For Mac OS X v10.5.4 systems, BIND is updated to version 9.4.2-P1.' It also closes the script-based local privilege escalation vulnerabilities, the most common examples of which were ARDAgent and SecurityAgent, and addresses other less-publicized security issues as well." A few days back we noted Apple's tardiness in fixing their corner of this Net-wide issue.

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