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+ - EMI pushes remixer to sell Blank CD-Rs->

Submitted by scientes
scientes (1357317) writes "Danger Mouse, who earned interest with he remixes of The Beatles The White Album into Jay-Z's The Black Album to form The Grey Album. Fallowing aggressive action by EMI, including cease and desist letters to fans, Danger announced that he will be release his new album, Dark Night Of The Soul, as case, album art and a blank CD-R ."
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Comment: Re:have your own domain-get universal forwarding (Score 1) 251

by scientus (#27549667) Attached to: Spam Replacing Postal Junk Mail?

it could be integrated into a mail server with company=outgoing email address, but yes people who dont thing about who they give addresses to will get spam. There are tools to prevent this spam, and those who neglect them should not complain that spam in unavoidable. People should solve the problem, not complain about it and do nothing.

Comment: Re:Deep pocket lobbyists will get you everything (Score 1) 168

by scientus (#27542173) Attached to: Copyright Scholar Challenges RIAA/DOJ Position

In not one of these cases have the shown any evidence of such things, nor have they even spoken of any actual damages. If this took place then they could make that case, show proof, and provide a reasoned estimate of damages. This has not occured because no, negligble, or at least much less damages have taken place than the RIAA/MPAA would like people to presume. It is upon burden of the plaintiff to show damages, and in not a single court case have they done so.

Mere speculation of possible future events has no place in these preceding, merely because something may happen does not mean it has. And if something has not taken place then there is no grounds.


Voting Machines and 'Calibration Drift' 217

Posted by Soulskill
from the if-it's-not-one-thing dept.
An anonymous reader writes "Tuesday saw elections for school boards and city officials throughout Kansas. In Saline, ES&S voting machines in several locations were 'mis-calibrated,' and when the voter touched next to one candidate's name, the 'x' appeared next to another one. One person I talked to said he tried to vote three times before going to the 80-something-year-old election worker, who told him 'It was doing that earlier, but I thought I fixed it.' From the story in today's Salina Journal: 'The iVotronic machines used in Saline County are sold by Elections Systems and Software. In October, the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University School of Law notified 16 secretaries of state, including Kansas Secretary of State Ron Thornburgh, that the machines are known to record votes to the wrong candidate.' The county does calibrate the machines the day before each election, but, '... in conversations with ES&S on Thursday, [the county clerk] was told that the calibration might change during the day. "What they've seen is calibration drift on a unit," Merriman said. "They're fine in the morning, but by afternoon they're starting to lose their calibration."' There was also coverage of the problems when they occurred two days ago."

IGDA Split Over "Crunch Time" Development 99

Posted by Soulskill
from the plenty-of-time-to-sleep-when-you're-dead dept.
LingNoi writes "Arguments between members of the International Game Developers Association (IGDA) have been red hot over recent controversy because of a 'Studio Heads on the Hotseat' panel video (skip to 21:00). The fighting started when IGDA board members (that also happen to be studio executives) which were taking part in the discussions made clear their favor for 'crunch time,' a method of doing overtime on a game to make very tight deadlines. It has been seen as hypocritical that an organization whose goal is to create a better quality of life for developers is led by studio executives who are happy to overwork employees. The IGDA released a response which didn't take sides on the issue."

Comment: Re:FTFA (Score 2, Interesting) 904

by scientus (#27521123) Attached to: EFF Says Obama Warrantless Wiretap Defense Is Worse than Bush


Its very hypocritical for the Obama administration to try to use to stand behind the law that they criticized so much, but i guess parties are expected to use whatever law they can to defend themselves.

...but of wait. This isn't necessarily in their own interests to defend. Its merely to defend a horribly unconstitutional attack on everyones rick to safety through privacy, or even through using the existing law on wiretapping. Its not like anyone in the Obama administration would actually have a desire to turn this society into a police state?

Honestly, the Obama administration should be ashamed of defending such a case at all, since the case really isn't against them, only the powers their official positions presumably (presumed by the Bush Administration) carry. And so by continuing they make a mockery of themselves: Their only reason to defend this case is if the Obama Administration has something invested in these false powers, and wishes to continue burying American constitutional rights. (or that they they are so much self-endowed into the infallibility of fellow government agencies that they cannot let the NSA and others defend their actions without the Executive, that they feel some moral obligation to protect the justice and process of other agencies.)

To err is human -- to blame it on a computer is even more so.