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Comment: only a matter of time. (Score 2, Insightful) 139

by schwillis (#27047841) Attached to: Advance In Making Stem Cells From Skin
I find it funny when people go on about stem cell research and how it's always promised it will be around the corner, 10 years away. Stem cell research only had enough potential for the public to get excited about about 10 years ago, and now, about 10 years latter their has already been amazing successes using stem cell treatments, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. it's makeing steady progress, and it's the most amazing medical advancement since the concept of organ transplants started looking like it might be possible.

Comment: Re:Cool (Score 1) 141

by schwillis (#26942885) Attached to: Optical Concentrator To Make Solar Power Cheaper
it would work, how complicated is it to point a solar pannel towards the sun? All the current portable compact solar panels you have to point at the sun. and I don't see why it would be anyworse then any other solar panel with it's cloudy, you can still get some power on a cloudy day if it isn't to cloudy.

Comment: Re:Cool (Score 2) 141

by schwillis (#26942131) Attached to: Optical Concentrator To Make Solar Power Cheaper
I think this could have a lot of potential for consumer level portable solar panels, all the portable panels avaible for back packing and bicycleing and whatnot are pretty crappy right now, but this would allow compact sollar devices to be a lot more feasible I think. Also you could remove the lense and use it as a fire starter.

Comment: Re:phage medicine. (Score 2, Insightful) 132

by schwillis (#26865579) Attached to: Sea Sponge Extract Conquers Resistant Bacteria
They make money because this doesn't kill the bacteria, it disolves their biofilms and lowers their resistance to anti-biotics, so if they invest in harvesting and processing sea sponges for this substance, and trying to figure out how to synthesize it, they are profiting off the selling of the sea sponges, and an increase in sales of anti-biotics to follow up the treatment.

Comment: Re:Mystery Pits (Score 5, Insightful) 552

by schwillis (#26554775) Attached to: Oldest Weapons-grade Plutonium Found In Dump

Do you have any idea of the kind of balls it took to be a part of this team? Under intense time pressure to work with previously theoretical isotopes that just might save tens of thousands of American lives?

And you judge them? You, with the heat on, comfortable, probably overly fed.

What. A. Putz. You. Are.

Nuclear isotopes were treated with quite a degree of reckleness for a good many years. Also I don't think they were any more heroic then anyone else who assisted with the war effort, although unlike many they were establishing for themselves quite a lucrative career. The men working in coal mines to supply energy to head up the war effort we far more heroic then a bunch of scientists getting paid handsome salarys to do what they like to do anyways, ground breaking science.

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